Amaryllis is a character in Big City Greens. She is a big fan of tween pop star Zillon Brax.

Physical Appearance

Amaryllis is a pale girl with red, glossy hair that flows down to her body. She wears a purple dress and purple shoes.

Due to her long hair, only one eye is visible.


Now, now, Zillon

Cricket as Zillon in Amaryllis' hideout.

In "Impopstar", Amaryllis is depicted as an obsessed fangirl of Zillon with eccentric yet psychotic intentions who collects "everything he throws", even his baby tooth. In the episode, she pulls "Zillon Brax" (actually Cricket Green) into her hideout, a mannequin warehouse, and she says that she has been "waiting for this moment for such a long time!"



Terrified, Cricket tries to call his mom, but Amaryllis takes his phone away. Telling her that he is Cricket Green and not Zillon Brax, she dismisses this, calling him a "funny liar". She then pulls him into a karaoke machine and tells him to "save [his] pipes for the duet".

Amaryllis knocks Cricket away

She has found the real Zillon.

While Amaryllis and Cricket have a session of karaoke, singing Zillon's "Baby, I Could Buy Your Dad", when the Green family and Officer Keys burst into the warehouse to liberate Cricket. This is when Keys learns that Amaryllis has "stolen [his] Zillon," leading to her being taken away and Cricket reuniting with his family.


  • Amaryllis is somewhat similar to Creepy Connie from Jessie and Maddie Flour from Amphibia, two other Disney Channel original shows.
  • Amaryllis having her long hair cover her other eye is somewhat similar to Violet from The Incredibles, even though Violet had it uncovered eventually.

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