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Andromeda is a character of Big City Greens. She is a conspiracy theorist who first appears in the episode "Gargoyle Gals", where she befriends Tilly Green and becomes her best friend.



She appears slightly pudgy like Remy, has light lavender skin, purple hair with yellow hair bands that forms in a pigtails hairstyle.


She wears a light olive green shirt with dark violet pants.

Personality and history

She often observes mysterious and paranormal conspiracies that rarely occurs, mostly to observe on how it appears. Whatever she finds is exposed to the world.

In her first appearance, "Gargoyle Gals", she stumbled upon Tilly, who was looking for a new best friend to hang with, and with Tilly wanting to make up stuff about the gargoyle, leading her to go into deep depths on their occurence.

This leads to Tilly being pressured on trying to keep her friendship with Andromeda to believe that the gargoyle isn't real, which quietly lead to a disappointment until later on, which quietly indicated that they still remain as friends.



  • Andromeda is named after the galaxy of the same name. Said name was also used as the heroine from Clash of the Titans.
  • It's implied "Andromeda" might not be her real name, as when Tilly asks if that really is her name, she shakes her head no when saying "yup." ("Gargoyle Gals")
  • Her personality resembles The Loud House's Zach Gurdle as they're both into aliens and conspiracy theories in general.
  • She doesn't drink out of cups because she claims the sun is a huge brain that controls the stock market. ("Clubbed")
  • In "Sleepover Sister", Andromeda had mentioned about her parents.

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