"Bear Trapped"

Bear Trapped is the 10th episode of Big City Greens. However, it is the 19th episode in chronological order.


Cricket bonds with a bear being hunted by animal control and refuses to let it get captured.


While trying to buy burritos in the park, Cricket, Tilly and Remy learn from Officer Keys that a bear is loose in Big City. Cricket, who has had a strange animosity for bears, is happy that he can finally hunt and catch one to prove himself. After setting many traps, all of which fail, the kids run into the actual bear. Cricket tries to wrestle it, but discovers that it is pretty docile. He calls animal control to come pick up the bear, but it "escapes" and the kids follow her. They find that the bear is simply hungry and wants a burrito so they get one for her and Cricket is surprised to learn that the bear, who Tilly begins calling Daisy, likes fish burritos just like him.

The kids end up spending the day with Daisy and enjoy their time with her. While at karaoke, they are visited by Keys and the Animal Control who capture Daisy and lock her away in their van. Cricket realizes that he does not actually hate bears and begins to feel remorse over his past opinions. The kids plan to rescue Daisy and do so by having Tilly and Remy act out a death scene that distracts Keys and Animal Control just long enough for Cricket to break Daisy out and flee.

Cricket and Daisy escape to the sewer where burritos inexplicably float down. Realizing that the sewer is perfect for Daisy, Cricket says his goodbye to her. However, Keys and Animal Control arrive and Cricket is forced to flush everyone out by turning a valve. Keys and his team give up, while Cricket catches a cold from being drenched in the sewer water.

The episode ends as Cricket writes a letter to Daisy and flushes it along with a burrito, however the burrito overflows the toilet resulting in Bill yelling at Cricket.


Titles in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese のクマ
Machi no Kuma
The City's Bear

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