Benny is a supporting character of Big City Greens. He is known for being the only toddler in Weezie's group of friends with Kiki, and his tendency to appear for no reason in episodes of the show where he does not have a major role in.



He is short, has a small blue hair tuft, a long football like head, and yellow skin.


He wears a sky blue shirt, a medium orange brown pants, and blue-black shoes.


Benny is known to be an eccentric toddler. He is an oddball who would inexplicably appear in episodes, serving as a background character who would have a few lines that have no relation to the main plot (for example “Hurty Tooth” where he solves the spot the difference for Bill).

He is also rather intelligent for his age, having high vocabulary, and is also quite independant (he always appears without his mother, despite his very young age).

In most cases, he often appears alone (besides with Cricket and the others like in Cyberbullies), despite being unsupervised as his parents somehow are not there to take care of him. An example is seen in “Gramma's License”, where he appeared in a monster truck event and he is seen sitting next to an unnamed man (which is unknown if that he is his dad), and in “Photo Op”, he was spotted by Bill, who was looking for Cricket and Gramma Alice, who had ran into a clothing store. Another appearance is in “Gargoyle Gals” where he is seen bowing down to the Burger Clown statue.

While all of these traits makes him what he is, deep down he is still a five-year old child.


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  • His head shape is closely similar to Family Guy’s Stewie Griffin, and Harold and Infant Arnold from Hey Arnold!.
  • His name is spelled either as Benny or Bennie.

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