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Big City is the central location where Big City Greens takes place. It is home to Cricket, Tilly, Bill, Alice, Remy and Nancy, amongst others.

Its mayor is Mayor Hansock.


Prior to the events of the series, the only land that stood where Big City currently lies today was farmland belonging to Alice Green and her descendants. However, she sold the land to a man named Mr. Quisling, who then sold the land to land developers, who built the city around the Green's House. ("Greens' Acres") Alice, living her quiet country life, was there to see Big City being built all around her, which is why she disliked it ("Tilly Tour").

Prior to its expansion, Big City was accessible through bridge (from the segment of the country where the Green's house was located). Now, with a population of around 4 million it has grown to a pretty decent size.


Most of its features of the city is the various sizes of each buildings, for example a really tall building in the background that consists of two antenna spires, while others are no more than standard business or residential buildings to make the skyline.

The bridge connecting to Big City.

Some parts of the area contains a few amount of highways and expressway bridges, as well as the amnesties and buildings are usually start off with the "Big" or "Big City" prefixes in most of the episodes have either one of the Greens visit the place. Depending on the episode, there have a few expansion bridges that connects to a different parts of the city. A notable bridge is the Silverway Bridge.

Notable Places


Notable Businesses

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Recreational Areas





  • The city is very similar to New York City.
  • According to Bill, in Welcome Home, he remember visiting the city but before it evolved differently.
  • It is unknown if there are any schools in Big City.
    • According to Chris Houghton, school hasn't been seen yet as it "splits up" the Green family and resorting to said stories told through the community center (i.e. the Valentine's Day dance in "Valentine's Dance").[1]
  • Similar to Springfield from The Simpsons and Danville from Phineas and Ferb, the state where Big City is located is unknown.
  • "Sellouts" reveals the city has a sister city named Medium City.
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