Big City is the main location of Big City Greens (series). It's the main setting that the series is taken place and a home to Cricket, Alice, Bill, and Tilly.

Appearance And Features

Most of its features of the city is the various sizes of each buildings, for example: a really tall building in the backgroud consists two antenna spires, while others are no more than standard business or residential buildings to make the skyline.

Some parts of the area contains a few amount of highways and expressway bridges, as well as the amnesties and buildings are usually start off with the "Big" or "Big City" prefixes in most of the episodes have either one of the Greens visit the place. Depending on the episode, there have a few expansion bridges that connects to a different parts of the city.

Notable Places



  • The city is heavily similar to most real life metropolitan areas (e.g. New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle).
  • According to Bill, in Welcome Home, he remember visiting the city but before it evolved differently.
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