Big City Battle! Is a multiplayer fighting game which it incorporates with the Big City Greens universe. It will be released on the DisneyNOW.


DisneyNOW will also debut its first multi-player game, Big City Battle!, where players compete against each other to earn their place as a member of the Green family.[1]


The main role the game is to fight each character in different sets of levels, the player can choose and pick which mode as the enter:

  • Tutorial Mode: This one is where players who are new to the game as the will learn how to manage the moves on the character before they can take on Story or Challenge mode as Gramma Alice plays her role as a tutorial teacher, as she will tell players to learn how to control the character’s move by performing actions that can’t be done through swiping the screen, as she will tell you about using power-ups that can be helpful throughout the battle.
  • Story Mode: This mode is where the player will learn About the traditional family rite of passage and what it takes to claim the Greens family name, the player is limited to choosing either Cricket or Tilly, in order to defeat the characters to try to battle Gramma in a showdown, there are only three difficulty levels, Foolin’ (Easy), Toolin' (Normal/Medium), And Gruelin' (Hard).
  • Challenge Mode: is where players can perform any particular activities in a mission mode, in order to accomplish task and win some unlockables.
  • Battle Mode: Is where players can battle characters in a versus mode, there are two things that a player can do to select:
    • Player: This is for when player has to share the same device with a another player in order to fight each other.
    • Computer: This one is where a player can fight against the computer opponent, a player can not only choose character for themselves but for the opponent.



Throughout the progress of the game, a player will win and acquire a character costume which is based of the series episodes, except Pig and Chicken does not acquire any like the rest.

  • Cricket - In Underwear (Cricket Versus)
  • Bill - Gymnastics suit (Backflip Bill)
  • Gramma - Ninja Suit (Suite Retreat)
  • Tilly - ???
  • Remy - Robe (Barry Cuda)