Big City Greens is an animated Disney Channel original series created by Chris and Shane Houghton.[2] The series premiered on June 18, 2018,[3] on Disney Channel and premiered on Disney XD later that same year.

Since November 2019, the show is currently in its second season. Episodes air on Disney Channel, with reruns on Disney XD.


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10-year-old[4] country boy Cricket Green and his family move to the Big City to live with Gramma Alice. There, he and his older sister Tilly meet and make new friends, including new best friend Remy Remington, cafe co-worker and friend Gloria Sato and others, as well as battling the family's nemesis Chip Whistler. While getting used to his new surroundings, Cricket tries to make the most of his time in Big City, while learning new morals along the way.

Official description

The series focuses on Cricket Green, a mischievous and optimistic country boy who moves to the Big City with his family. Cricket’s curiosity and enthusiasm leads his wildly out of place family on epic journeys, and into the hearts of his new neighbors.[5][6]






The episodes are usually split into 22 x 11-minute segments. For full-length episodes, they're split into 21x7 segments.

Rough Draft Korea and Sugarcube each provides animation for the episodes.

International release

Country Language Channel Premiere date Title Source
Spain Spain Spanish Disney XD June 18, 2018 Los Green En La Gran Ciudad
France France French Les Green à Big City
Canada Canada English Disney Channel June 30, 2018 Big City Greens
French (Canada)
Australia Australia English
New Zealand New Zealand
United Kingdom United Kingdom July-August 2018
Southeast Asia Southeast Asia English August 6, 2018
Indonesia Indonesian
Malaysia Malay
Thailand Thai
Vietnam Vietnamese Nhà Green Ra Thành Phố Lớn
Japan Japan Japanese September 23, 2018 ビッグシティ・グリーン [10]
Latin America Latin America Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Disney XD October 12, 2018 (preview)
October 25, 2018 (official)
Los Vecinos Green
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) October 28, 2018 Os Vizinhos Green
Portugal Portugal Portuguese Disney Channel July 1, 2019 Os Green na Cidade Grande


The series was created by Chris and Shane Houghton, who originally worked on Nickelodeon's Harvey Beaks. Along with the Emmy Award-winning director Rob Renzetti (creator of My Life as a Teenage Robot, supervising producer for Gravity Falls and executive producer of the 2017 reboot of DuckTales) serves as executive producer and the Houghton brothers serve as co-executive producers.


The series (originally titled Country Club) was pitched to Disney in 2012.[11]. They had worked on Gravity Falls and then for Nickelodeon's Harvey Beaks in 2015.

Initial production of Big City Greens took place between 2014 and 2017.

In March 2016, Disney XD had greenlit two new original shows, Big City Greens and Billy Dilley's Super Duper Subterranean Summer, which would be released throughout the 2017-2018 period.

Following about a year after its announcement, on July 21, 2017, an official main title was released on Disney XD YouTube channel, with the series being renamed from Country Club to Big City Greens.

In late November, a sneak peek of the series was unveiled and shown at the CTN expo. [12][13]

On April 2, Chris announced via Twitter that the series had moved from its original channel, Disney XD, to Disney Channel [14] [15] for the Summer 2018 season.

A second season was greenlit ahead of the show's premiere. In addition to the series' renewal and subsequent June 18th premiere, there were guest voices planned for the show. This included Jon Hamm, Raven-Symoné, Busta Rhymes, Danny Trejo, Lorraine Toussaint, Jim Rash, Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, Andy Daly, Scott Aukerman, McElroy, Paul Scheer, Zeno Robinson, Colton Dunn and Anna Akana.[16]

On June 7th, the series was being promoted at the Pixar Fest, alongside the then-upcoming Pixar film, Incredibles 2.[17]

In addition to a 46-second sneak peek, ComicBook revealed that the series premiere was made available on DisneyNOW beginning Friday, June 8, ten days ahead of its airing.[18]


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With "Space Chicken" and "Steak Night" being the first two episodes to air, the series premiered with a week of new episodes June 18–22, as part of Disney Channel's GO! Summer programming event. Throughout the summer season, new episodes premiered Monday and Wednesday mornings (10 a.m.), with additional shorts premierieng Saturday, June 16 on Disney Channel and its YouTube channel.

In addition to this, DisneyNOW released its first multiplayer game and first game based on the series, Big City Battle!, where players compete against each other to earn their place as a member of the Green family.

On December 10th, the series won the CommonSense seal of approval. [19]

The first season ended on March 9th, 2019 with "Cricket's Place" and "Volunteer Tilly".

Season 2

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On April 21st, the Houghton brothers and Marieve Herington, Tilly's voice actress, attended the Disney Channel Fan Fest 2019, and shared a storyboard animatic of an episode involving the Greens visiting the beach ("Shark Objects") and also added that Season 2 would start Fall 2019; the first episodes of the season would be "Cricket's Kapowie" and "Car Trouble". Production of season 2 began on August 1, 2019 and finished on July 8, 2020[20].

The first half of the season ended on February 8, 2020 with "Garage Tales" and "Animal Farm"; the rest of the season is set to air 2020. The second half of the season began July 11, 2020 with "Desserted" and "The Gifted"; the season is to air up to September 19, 2020, with "Quiet Please"/"Chipwrecked" being the final confirmed episodes of the second half, which was shorter (20 episodes, 40 separate segments) than the first due to the COVID-19 pandemic which forced the crew to work from home. The third and final half will release around late 2020 to early 2021.


Big City Greens has been adapted into animated shorts, those being Country Kids in the City, Random Rings and Big City Greens: Road Trip.


The series is pre-production by Disney Television Animation, with the outsourcing animation done by the South Korean animation studios Sugarcube and Rough Draft Korea; the former known for its work on Star vs. the Forces of Evil amongst other shows.[19].





  • The series was originally titled Country Club.
  • The series was originally going be aired in 2017, but ended up being postponed into 2018 while another show, Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer, (which originally was assigned for 2018) ended up taking its place for the 2017 release.
  • The theme music was performed by a band group named "The Mowgli's".[21][dead link]
  • Although the series generally starts with the opening theme, the double-length episodes start with a cold open, similar to Disney Channel's live action shows and older Disney Channel cartoons, as well as some of Big City Greens' sister cartoons such as Gravity Falls.
  • Design-wise, the show is somewhat similar to Doug (a show originally aired on Nickelodeon and later on Disney) and The Simpsons.
    • The main characters have yellow skin, while the background characters have colored (e.g. purple, red, green, yellow, blue) skins rather than normal human skin color. This contrasts with The Simpsons where almost all characters have yellow skin.
    • The reason why the Big City Greens main characters are yellow is because the Houghton brothers worked together on Simpsons Comics.
    • It is unknown why the other characters have varying colors of skin tones (a'la Doug).
    • Some of the characters lack a nose; this is very similar to the Moonins and some characters from Adventure Time and South Park, whose characters also lacks a nose.
  • Originally, the series was going to air on Disney XD, but moved to Disney Channel.
    • However, syndicated reruns do air on Disney XD.
  • The series was listed as #4 of 10 Animators to Watch 2018.[22]
  • Cricket and Tilly are the only characters that have appeared in every episode of the series. However, they did not appear in all the shorts.
    • The only Big City Greens media Cricket does not appear in are "Tilly's Cats" (only appearing in the title card and ending segment on YouTube), "Tilly Calls a Librarian" and "Gramma Calls an Electrician".
    • The only Big City Greens media Tilly does not appear in is much of the Random Rings shorts and the episode "Time Crisis" (though she appears only in Cricket's vision as an adult).
  • To date, Cricket, Tilly and their friends have yet to be shown going to school. According to Chris Houghton, the writers joked that the series mostly takes place on weekends, afternoons and weeknights, and vacations such as summer break, as he felt school might "split up" the family and childhood is encompassed outside of school. In addition, he claims childhood mostly happens when not in school.[23][24]
  • According to Chris Houghton, the series will usually be episodic and never truly serialized, but with tentpole events and little thru-lines spliced in-between for long-time viewers. This was introduced in Season 2 following Chip Whistler's promotion to CEO.[25]
  • The opening and ending credits use a handwriting done by Chris Houghton. It is given the name "Cricket Scrawl". [26]
  • On Disney Channel Asia broadcasting in general, all of the mild swear words ("heck", "dang", etc...) has been cut throughout every episode.


  • "Welcome Home" was supposed to be the first episode, but ended up airing as the eighth, and "Space Chicken" took its place as a pilot. Said episode was also made back when the show was known as Country Club.
  • "Space Chicken" and "Cricket Versus" take place before "Bear Trapped" because he says he hates bears in the former two, and in the latter, he ends his hatred against them.
  • Any episode that shows Cricket working at Big Coffee take place after "Critterball Crisis".
    • "Cricket's Shoes" takes place three months after "Critterball Crisis" because by the end of said episode, Gloria has won Employee of the Month for three months straight since Cricket joined.
    • Episodes where Cricket and Gloria have softened up to each other take place after "Coffee Quest".
  • Episodes where Cricket knows Remy's last name and goes to his mansion take place after "Remy Rescue".
    • Episodes where Cricket knows Vasquez take place after said episode as well.
  • "Homeshare Hoedown" takes place in the same month as "Cricket Versus".
  • Episodes where Chip is the CEO of Wholesome Foods take place after "Reckoning Ball".
    • Likewise, episodes where the Greens are fully aware of Chip's deception take place after "Friend Con".
  • Several episodes take place near on or near holidays and special events:

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