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Welcome to Big City Greens Wiki, a wiki dedicated to Big City Greens, Disney's overly popular animated adventure-comedy series created by Chris and Shane Houghton.

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About the Show

The series revolves around 10-year-old country boy Cricket Green and his family, the Greens, who after losing their old farm, move to Big City to live with their Gramma, Alice. There, the Greens find fun and adventure, making new friends and working to protect their farm from any threats that come upon them. While getting used to these new surroundings, Cricket tries to make the most of his time in Big City.


Remy takes up martial arts to be more formidable.

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Dirt Jar

The Greens' last days in the country are revealed.

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Meet the characters!

Meet the characters of Big City Greens!

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Learn more about Big City Greens!

Check out the history, and fun facts, of the show.

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Explore Big City!

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What's Up Next?

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"The Move"
While waiting, you may check out the most recent episodes!
"Rembo"/"Dirt Jar"
"The Ghost and Molly McGee: Spring Shorts-tacular"
(more episodes...)

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