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This wiki is about the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens, where 10-year-old country boy Cricket Green and his family move to the Big City to live with Gramma Alice. There, he and his older sister Tilly meet and make new friends, including new best friend Remy Remington, cafe co-worker and friend Gloria Sato and others, as well as battling the family's nemesis Chip Whistler. While getting used to his new surroundings, Cricket tries to make the most of his time in Big City, while learning new morals along the way.

Please keep in mind that this wiki may contain spoilers if you're not yet caught up with the currently released Big City Greens content!

What's Up Next?

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While waiting, you may check out the most recent episodes!
"Quiet Please"/"Chipwrecked" / "Present Tense"/"Hurt Bike"
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Meet the Greens!

Tilly Green
Bill Green
Alice Green
Nancy Green

Other faces!

Remy Remington
Gloria Sato
Officer Keys
Chip Whistler

Explore Big City!

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  • Be sure to catch Big City Greens every Saturday night at 8/7PM EST/Central, only on Disney Channel!

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