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Bill Green

Bill-iever is the 13th episode of Season 2 and the 71st episode of Big City Greens overall.


In order to avoid punishment, Cricket must make his dad believe in aliens.[1][2]


While looking through the garage, Cricket discovers Gramma Alice's old mobile scooter. While he wishes to ride it at night to play with it in the backyard. However, the scooter goes off and destroys the entire garden. Cricket hides as Bill, Alice and Tilly come out and see the destruction. Worried that Bill will ground him, Cricket comes out and tries to act shocked, but Bill immediately blames him for the damage. Cricket then announces that he believes that aliens are to blame for the damage. Tilly and Alice believe the claim, but Bill is not convinced. Cricket claims that the destroyed garden is now a crop circle and that aliens came to leave them a message. Bill orders everyone back to sleep, but still refuses to believe Cricket and vows to get to the bottom of what Cricket did and how he did it.

The next day, Bill is checking the scene for evidence when Cricket invites Andromeda to come and check the spot herself. Andromeda claims that the aliens are leaving their eggs behind and that "the government will be here soon". Cricket then hires Vasquez to come and portray a government agent (wearing a rubber mask) to come and check the area out. He manages to freak out Bill before he figures anything out. Bill spots Phoenix chewing on a flower near the garage. Upon entering, he sees the partially beat up scooter and Cricket rushes back to his room in a panic. Bill comes in and intimidatingly tucks him in. Cricket decides that he must double down on his lie to have Bill convinced that he did not do anything wrong.

In the middle of the night, Cricket appears as an alien with elaborate effects and tells Bill that he (the alien) was responsible for everything which seems to finally convince Bill. The next morning, a broken Bill along with Tilly and Alice tell Cricket that they have converted into UFO conspiracy theorists. Bill proceeds to run outside in his underwear and a tin foil hat to declare his new belief. Realizing that he has gone crazy, Cricket dons the alien costume again to convince him otherwise, but instead they end up attracting a large amused crowd. Cricket finally breaks and reveals that he was responsible for the crop damage. Bill drops his act and reveals that he knew Cricket destroyed the garden the whole time and did everything to make him confess, much to his horror and shock, and Tilly and Gramma's bewilderment. After humiliating his own son and telling him none of this would've happened if he just told the truth in the first place, Cricket sadly accepts his defeat and Tilly and Gramma are impressed by his acting and aliens never existed in the first place. As the family casually goes back inside, a couple of onlookers voice their disappointment over the "weird ending".


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Additional voices

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Incredi-Bill Incredi-Bill
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Bill o Crente Bill the Believer
Japan Japanese 宇宙人がやってくる
Uchūbito ga yattekuru
Aliens are coming
Portugal Portuguese Bill, o Crente Bill, the Believer
Romania Romanian Plauzi-Bill Plausible
Vietnam Vietnamese Nói Dối Bố Lying to Father


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