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Bill Green is the tritagonist of Big City Greens. He is a farmer and father to Tilly and Cricket, Gramma Alice's son, and Nancy's former husband.



Bill has brown hair, is pudgy, has a flat squarish chin, and like the rest of his family, has yellow skin. He has small bags under his eyes, as a hint of aging and possibly to put up the stress of his kids' antics. His index finger on the right hand is clearly a stub due to getting it severed from a hay baler incident.


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He wears a red squarish trucker mesh hat, a forest green short sleeve shirt, bright navy blue jeans with dirt stains and a tear on the left knee, and worn brown shoes.

Other ages

Pre-teen Bill still wore the green tee he still wears in the present, but he wears denim blue overalls similar to Cricket's over them. He also had two buckteeth, which unlike Tilly, didn't stick out his mouth.


Bill is a handyman and a caring single father who comes off as a person who is more meticulous and a bit cautious about the mishaps that occur because of his son, who he describes as a "loose cannon" that can get into him into trouble within anything that occurs.

Ever since he was a young boy ("Greens' Acres"), he enjoys chores and being a hard worker in general, and he is a passionate farmer who does gardening and construction, especially when fixing up the damage caused by Cricket.

To others, he is quite a nice and polite person who is quite outgoing though uncreative (the latter best shown in "People Watching").

Bill is overprotective and all he wants is for his family to be safe and responsible.

His past as "Backflip Bill"

As a boy, Bill has always wanted to be a gymnast.

In "Backflip Bill", it is revealed that from a young age, he wanted to be a gymnast just to have fun, but his mother, Alice, was harsh to him, causing him to slip up; when he attempted to try this again some 20 years later, his son was also harsh to Bill, causing him to leave in tears. Upon some encouragement from Cricket, Bill was able to score sixth place.



  • Common sense and parenting tactics:
    • As the father to two kids, one of them especially rambunctious and defiant, the husband of a criminal ex-wife, and the son of a cranky Ma, Bill, as the other rational person in the house (outside Tilly), has to utilize a great deal of common sense to keep them in check in a big city environment, where damage is easily inflicted by the Greens' actions.
    • This includes traditional fathering and the ability to go "Full Dad"; the latter, exclusive to him, has Bill make his trademark (and somewhat unsettling looking) "disappointed face" while looking very stern. A much more powerful version of the "Full Dad" mode unlocks the ability to project his voice much more intensely, with his eyes in "disappointed face" mode going blank. This persona of his, especially the much more powerful version, apparently has the ability to scare targets into listening to him, making for a good parenting tactic.
    • So far, the "Full Dad" persona of his has been shown in "Space Chicken", "Photo Op", "Elevator Action" and especially "Bleeped".
  • Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) skills: Bill is well-known for doing things himself. This is best seen throughout "D.I.Y. Guys", where Bill swears he'll do everything on their trip to Overhaüls himself. In "Greens' Acres", it's revealed he got this idea from a man who claimed to be a DIY guy himself.
  • Wood carving: Bill is also known for his wood carvings, which he destroys in "Heat Beaters"; he also turned one plank of wood into a very intricate doll house, complete with working appliances and electricity, in "Dolled Up".
  • Farming ability: Being the owner of the Green Family Farms, Bill naturally has a great deal of farming talent.
  • Agility: For his size, Bill is surprisingly fast, as shown in "Photo Op"; however, "Steak Night" shows the contrary, running out of breath a few moments into his chase for Cricket at the subway station. "Backflip Bill" reveals he, despite his size, shows agility while doing his backflipping.
  • Strength: Numerous episodes also show that he possesses great strength; for example, he easily dispatched of F.R.A.N.K. in "I, Farmbot" and threw off charging construction workers without any effort in "Chipocalypse Now".
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: In "Chipocalypse Now" and "Big Deal", Bill is shown to be moderately skilled in melee combat, possibly having been trained by his mother.


An example of Bill's crippling anxiety.

  • Crippling anxiety: In "Green Mirror", Bill mentions he got his first case of crippling anxiety as a little kid, when his ma criticized him for bringing back flowers, which she called "weeds". Ever since that event, Bill is known to be overcome with crippling anxiety at times, which may explain why he was worried about moving to Big City in "Welcome Home".

Bill's unimaginative mind in action: he doesn't know how many windows to depict.

  • Unimaginative mind: Throughout the series, Bill has been shown to have weak creativity; such is the case in "People Watching" and "Cheap Show" amongst other episodes. "Big Resolution" shows he is scared of moving out of his comfort zone, which may explain his lack of creativity and confidence.
  • Unfamiliarity with modern tech: Coming from the countryside, Bill has not been exposed to any modern technology. While touched upon in "Gramma Driver", and owning a smart device in "Cheap Show" and "Chipocalypse Now", this weakness ultimately rears its head in "Sellouts" as Gloria finds out the Greens have not gone social whatsoever.

Songs sung by Bill


Shorts and Other Media


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Click here to view the history of Bill Green.


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Click here to view the relationships between Bill Green and other characters.


Foreign voice actors

Language Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Javier Gómez
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Dláigelles Riba
Czech Republic Czech Martin Sobotka
Germany German Detlef Bierstedt
Denmark Danish Jasper Hagelskær Paasch
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Alfonso Agra Tato
France French Simon Duprez
Hungary Hungarian Kassai Károly
Indonesia Indonesian Muhammad Guritno
Israel Hebrew (Israel) Zvika Forman (צביקה פורמן)
Italy Italian Massimo Bitossi
Japan Japanese Takashi Nagasako (長嶝 高士)
South Korea Korean Lee Min-Gyu (이민규)
Netherlands Dutch Simon Zwiers
Norway Norwegian Jan Martin Johnsen
Poland Polish Kamil Kula
Portugal Portuguese Diogo Mesquita
Sweden Swedish Fredde Granberg
Turkey Turkish Sinan Divrik


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  • The top part of his right index finger is missing due to an incident with a hay baler.
  • According to the Houghton brothers, Bill is based off their father-in-law.
  • A running gag with Bill is that he tries to act "hip" to others to impress them.
  • He is born on a Tuesday. ("Super Gramma!")
  • In "Cricket Versus", he wrestled with a hawk as a child to pass his Rite of Passage (although in the picture, it looked nothing like him as a child, rather of an adult), he even explained the scar on his chest.
  • In early episodes, he's usually known for being nervous to things and will sometimes experience some panic attacks when the situation tends to make him uncomfortable or overwhelmed.
  • He bears a striking resemblance to his ancestor, Jerome Green; his great grandfather, Archibald Green; and his grandfather. ("Family Legacy")
  • He's the first character to end up naked in an episode, as seen in "Swimming Fool".
  • He is known to have a comically angry face with a rather unsettling frown when angered about something, which Tilly calls the "disappointed face". This has so far only been seen in "Space Chicken" and "Photo Op".
    • In "Bleeped", Bill unleashes a more frightening version when he goes "Full Dad" on the kids, compete with his eyes going blank white and his voice becoming booming and echoed.
  • His favorite beverage is water as revealed in "People Watching" and "Friend Con".
  • He has a doppelganger who is also into farming, and seems to be inspired by the real Bill. ("Animal Farm")
  • As of "Quiet Please", he is banned from every library worldwide.
  • His favorite color is brown as revealed in "Chipwrecked".
  • "Cheap Show" revealed Cricket thinks Bill's full first name is Billiam.
  • The only short series Bill did not appear in are Random Rings (so far) and Miss Tilly's Fun Time TV Minute. However, he was mentioned in both series.
    • In the Shortsgiving special, Bill found out about the events of one of the Random Rings shorts, resulting in Cricket being punished.


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