• Francy07

    New friends for tilly

    February 19, 2019 by Francy07

    Tilly: hi, andromeda! Andromeda:uuhm... hi tilly.... Tilly: today. Is the friendship day. Because today we making new friends. Andromeda: ok. Tilly: Yahoo! Tilly: Ok, Andromeda, we find 4 friends, okay? Andromeda: okay. Tilly: not beverly barfold, she's extremely verierer morierer ugly. Not lindsay laurealth jr., she's depressed. Wow looks perfect, venus vazeriling. Hi, venus! Do you became my new friend? Venus: sure! My wealthy family wants i find new friends. Tilly: lets find more 3. Not little miss meaner, she's mean and serious. Not the stupid chick, she's dumb and stupid. Good, Grace Dinkledoo. Hey, grace! Do you became my new friend? Tilly: *sigh* now i have 5 new friends;andromeda smith,venus vazeriling,grace dinkledoo,jojo marzelton and sim…

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  • Francy07

    New Girl

    February 17, 2019 by Francy07

    Cricket: 🎵La la la la la la la la la🎵 ooooh man! Tomorrow the new girl in town is coming! Benny: Yes. The new girl is named wiki juju. Wiki whas a 10 years old pacific girl. She has lime skin,green hair with long pigtails,magenta mallow flower on her head,crimson dress with white flowers on her dress and golden sandals. Cricket,Kiki,Remy and Wheezie: Seriously? Benny: oh yes. You cricket, you have a crush on wiki. Cricket: Me? Benny: Yeah. Cricket: ok, benny. Wiki have crush on me. Mrs. Armando: Ok, class. heres new student, wiki juju. Cricket: *gasps* this is the new girl that we talked about! Wiki: hi! Im wiki juju! Im 10 years old and i from hawaii. Everyone(Except Cricket): yay! Wiki! Cricket: you're next to me, wiki. Cricket: grandma! Dad! Tilly…

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  • Jamgorham

    Country Club/Transcript

    January 26, 2019 by Jamgorham

    (Scene starts with Gloria leaving her apartment on a bicycle while she hums a tune)

    Gloria: There's my apron... there's my hat... and there's that, and here we go. (starts riding her bicycle to work and passes by a treehouse with Cricket, Tilly, and Remy in it)

    Cricket, Tilly, and Remy: (giggling)

    Cricket: Wey, wook. It's Woria!

    Gloria: What?

    Cricket, Tilly, and Remy: (laughs)

    Cricket: Woria's woing to work.

    Cricket, Tilly, and Remy: (laughs)

    Gloria: (growls)

    Remy: Where does she work? At Wig Woffee?

    Cricket, Tilly, and Remy: (laughs)

    Gloria: What's that supposed to be? Some kind of secret code?

    Cricket: We can't tell you 'cause you're not a member of the club.

    Gloria: Oh, yeah? What does it take to be a member, besides being from the country?

    Cricket: …

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  • CartoonRandom02

    Cricket: A normal day in Big City, the birds are chripin', the animals are snorin' everything seems normal in here.. Maybe i should work now.

    Gloria: Where are you cricket.. There are customers awaiting..

    Kiki: Hello Miss, can i get milk please? 

    Gloria: We don't have milk.. But we do have coffee.

    Kiki: Then why did i see Cricket having milk inside of this store..?!

    Gloria: Because he works here...

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  • WaffleTail260

    Hey, uh........ fellow Big City Greeners?

    So out of all the current running shows as of January 11, 2019. Very few have made me laugh like this show. It's not my number 1 show right now Milo Murphy's Law holds that place in my heart and other organs (Go check the show out it's a great show). Anywho I am here to talk about the show!, the legend!, the reason why me and my cousins still talk to each other! BIG CITY GREENS!

    "Wow what did this guy eat for dinner?"-Random Guy with Hair. "I had Pizza, thanks you very much!"-WaffleTail. This show caught my attention by the very first promo I saw. Here was my first impression. "So this is a show about three kids that move to the city to live with their grandma? Absolutely Inspiring Disney! (At the time…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Howdy guys!

    It's time for First Impressions! (Though, having seen the episode before, more like "Second Impressions"! AM I RIGHT?!

    (Crickets Chirp) (Hey, that's my name!)

    Ahem. Anyway, let's talk about Tilly Tour and Dinner Party!

    "Tilly Tour":

    As I have said before (and will say many more times) Tilly is the best! She may be my favorite character! She's just so cute, innocent and wonderful! Not to mention downright hilarious!

    So I can safely say that it doesn't change here! Tilly is her usual lovely spirit, as she tries to get Alice to try new things and appreciate Big City. After a cute cookie making scene (Tilly makes eating cookies both funny and sweet!), Tilly takes Alice on a tour, which at first doesn't impress Alice. It is the only weak …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy


    Hi. How's it going?

    Ok, ok, I know it's been forever. I started off like a wildfire, them I disappeared. Then I was on fire in the MML wiki, then I disappeared there too.

    Look, I will explain all that in The MML wiki.

    Sorry, I really should have come back. This wiki and fandom need to wake up and be alive! This show is going to have at least 3 seasons: Let's be a community!

    So, I am officially back! You can check my profile to see what I'm going to do here, but in short, my next few posts are:

    First Impressions (or, well, second impressions) to Tilly Tour/Dinner Party, Coffee Quest/Phoenix Rises, Blood Moon and Big Deal/Tilly's Cat.

    Also, a Up Next In The City! for Uncaged, a Big Coffee Talk for Gloria and Cricket's relationship and one abo…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to "Up Next in the City!" This time: two episode's which I don't know their premises, but kind of know what they're about. Let's check them out!

    Tilly Tour:

    From what the new promo says and from my own predictions, it looks like it will focus on Tilly taking Gramma on a fun tour of the city.

    The premise sounds fun (Tilly! Tilly!) and features an interaction we haven't really seen yet, so it has potential. My gut feeling is it will be good, but maybe not great.


    Has a lot of potential.

    Could be hilarious.



    New dynamic.


    Could be a bit forgettable.

    That's it, really. All in all, should be good!

    Family Dinner:

    Seems to be about Remy and his family visiting the Greens. If that football game that Bill starts in …

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to another "First Impressions"! This time, we talk about "Breaking News" and "Cyberbullies", which I also have a "Up Next in the City!" post about, expressing what I thought will happen. So check that out to see how right or wrong I was.

    And now, to the first impressions!

    "Breaking News":

    This was pretty close to my prediction. My worries were unfounded. The episode focused on an important flaw of Cricket: His need to be the center of the attention. It's done really well. We already knew that it's one of his flaws, so it doesn't feel like it's out of nowhere. And it's not too obnoxious. The plot is as such: Cricket wants to be center of attention. Suddenly, Bill reveals that he has a huge watermelon. Once they learn there's n…

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  • Supergeek765

    the series is just getting started

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the first edition of Big Coffee Talk, where I analyze and discuss all kinds of things about the show!

    Our very first topic: Why Big City Greens is Great!

    The show has had quite the amazing start: Ratings are though the roof (beating even the sit-coms!), the attention it's getting on the internet isn't too shabby, an it's been a while since I fell in love with a show so quickly and so passionately (Examples from the last few years: Steven Universe, MML, The Loud House, We Bare Bears, Brooklyn 99).

    I really want to explain why, in my eyes, this show works, so I'm going to sperate it into a few sections:

    1. Humor

    Let's start with the fact that this show is hilarious! No, really!

    The jokes are so expertly delivered and thought ou…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the first "Up Next in the City!" (Said like "Country Kids in the City!")

    For those of you who didn't read my first post, this series takes a look at what's next in the show. Unfortunately, this episode came out yesterday, but I didn't see it, so I'm still doing it!

    So, let's begin!

    Breaking News:

    This episode has been hyped up for a while, by DTVA's twitter and by myself. With amazing footage of watermelons in the big trailer, Raven Simonè guest starring, and what seems to be focus on Cricket's need to be center of attention, I was quite interested.

    With a hilarious sounding premise and what seems to be a good choice of moral, I would say my gut feeling is it will be good. But let's go over what I'm excited and worried for:


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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the very first "First Impressions"! For those of you who haven't read the first blog post, here's a quick explanation of this series:

    At a certain point in time, I plan to review every episode of Big City Greens, PieGuyRulz style. But since I need time to re-watch and analyze, and because episodes are coming out and I want to talk about them (as, I am sure, you guys are too!), I have decided to share my first impressions on the very latest episodes each time. These first impressions won't necessarily be my final opinion, and my review style is very different in "Every Episode of", so remember that these are just my first thoughts.

    And so, without further ado, let's begin!

    Cricket's Shoes:

    Our first segment focuses on Cricke…

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  • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy

    Hey Guys!

    So, this is my first blog post! In this post, I thought I'll introduce what I want to do with these posts, and why they're important to me.

    So, let's start with what I'll do with these blogs:

    1. Big City Coffee Talk: Back in The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki, one of my regular series on that blog is an analysis corner of the show and all it's features titled "The Milo Zone". It has been on a bit of a hiatus unfortunately, but I do aim to make the analysis corner for this wiki (titled "Big City Coffee Talk") a weekly feature. My first one (hopefully coming out today) will talk about why this show is so great (discussing some of the deeper stories, arcs and character personalities on show) an next weeks is planned to be about Gloria and Cric…

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