Brett is a supporting character of Big City Greens. He is the neighbor of Cricket Green who lives next door in an apartment building overlooking his house.


Brett is a large obese man with green skin. His hair is depicted as short soft dreadlocks that stick up and a beard. He has earrings, and a plain brownish white shirt. He wears an unusual brown, orange and red man skirt and sandals. On his left hand he has a small string bracelet.


Brett seems to be a rather laid back person. He does not seem to mind the frantic nature of the Greens and their antics. As a matter of fact, he seems to be all together supportive of whatever endeavor they have, like when Tilly decided to enter her goat, Melissa, into the Big City Dog Show. He is a very sociable person as in "Blood Moon", he threw a Halloween party at his apartment. He was delighted to see that the Greens had shown up, implying that he may have intended for them to appear.


  • While the two have not shown any interaction yet, Brett might be friends with Gloria Sato based on the fact that she knew where his party was.
  • He bears a slight resemblance to Wasabi from Big Hero 6.


All in the family
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