Carlos is a minor character of Big City Greens. He first appeared in "Swimming Fool".



He is chubby, roughly tall as the other kids, has medium orange skin, and red hair.


In "Swimming Fool", he wears light green swim shorts.

In Bear Trapped, he is seen with a light neon green shirt since he appeared in the roller coaster with Cricket and the others around him.


He is quite boastful and somewhat attentive, as he often tells other kids basically anything that he is either better of, yet often seem unimpressed if no attention is worth seeking.


In Swimming Fool, he tells a group of kids about his dad, until Cricket stumbles upon him and others as he tells Cricket about Pot-Belly Pat, a kid who allegedly was diving upon the pool, ended up having his body In pieces, and was never seen since. Hethen sees Cricket bragging about his attempt to do it anyway, only to prove Cricket wrong and admit to he is scared. After Cricket decides to do it for the second time, he became amazed that Cricket actually attempted to dive in.



Swimming Fool


  • His voice is provided by Jorge Diaz, who also plays Gabe in Elena of Avalor, another Disney Channel original series.

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