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Cricket's Consciences is Cricket's personal shoulder angel/devil, who appeared in Wishing Well.


While both inherits the same physical appearance as Cricket has, while the angel appears in a white angelic robe with a halo above his head and with wings attached. While the devil wears only a comical red devil costume that covers most to his forehead onto the bottom of his feet and carries a pitchfork.


Both serves as part of Cricket's personal conscience on what he should or should not do, based on either good or bad deeds. As they both follow based on how a traditional angel and devil acts.

The angel appeared when Cricket and the devil was playing skeeball, only trying to escape from Cricket's left ear, which resulted the bottom of his robe filthy from possibly the earwax, only to find out that Cricket had been spending Tilly's coins, selfishly onto himself, and explained that he should just return the coins back, only to figured that Cricket was on the last quarter, which resulted him to spend it on a gumball. which resulted him on pestering Cricket into doing things that will annoy him at the end of time.





Cricket had viewed him as more annoying than the devil, as Angel had only did so that it will force Cricket into hustle for more coins to be put back.



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