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Bingo bango!

—Cricket's catchphrase

Cricket Green is the main protagonist of Big City Greens. At 10 years old, he is the second born and only son of Bill and Nancy Green and is Tilly's mischievous and optimistic younger brother[1] who has moved to Big City with his family to stay with his Gramma Alice.


Physical Features

Cricket is short and thin and has a slightly large head, bright yellow skin, a buck tooth, and light brown hair cut in a bowl-cut hairstyle with both sides bare.


For more of Cricket's outfits, see Cricket Green/Outfits.

Cricket wears turquoise blue overalls with a light gray shirt underneath it. He is usually seen barefoot because he hates wearing shoes, though there are some exceptions.

Other ages

As a baby and a toddler, Cricket wore a blue t-shirt and diaper. His bowl cut was completely full and covered his forehead, and had two potruding hairs that stick up at the back. He also had a single tooth.

As a small child, Cricket wore shortal versions of his trademark overalls, without the shirt. His bowl cut began to develop slightly, losing the potruding hairs and gaining bumps at the top. He had two buck teeth.

In Cricket's imagined future, he looks the same as he does now, but with longer arms and legs.


Cricket Green: wild, optimistic, and cheerful boy.

Cricket is a mischievous yet optimistic boy. His curiosity and enthusiasm leads his wildly out of place family on epic journeys. He usually determines himself if he's willing to handle a challenge that comes in the way. This is best shown in "Cricket Versus"; throughout the episode, he was willing to determine himself to claim the Green family name, which in addition to that being placed on the Green family quilt, by trying to catch and wrestle a wild ferocious animal, but he couldn't find any. Only then he realized that his Gramma was a perfect person to wrestle, so he wrestled her and gained a spot on the Green family quilt.

The chicken was launched to space; this was the aftermath.

His actions can lead to either unrest in the family, unrest amongst other people or even city-wide chaos; this is best shown in "Space Chicken" where his simple act of trying to launch a chicken into space caused massive damage to his surroundings, and even to people's belongings. Though this is not common, some of his actions are done with a varying degree of malicious intent, as seen in both "Green Christmas" and "Shark Objects" - in the former episode, he tries to prank everyone's Christmas out of spite, causing him and Tilly to land on the naughty list, and in the latter episode, he uses a toy shark fin to scare everyone out the beach, unknowing of the consequences; to the point he was almost harpooned by the lifeguard, who mistook him for a real shark.

He can be selfish and seems to be easily blinded by riches, as seen in "Wishing Well" and "Flimflammed", where he obtains Tilly's savings and $100 respectively, and isn't above conning others to get money, as seen in the latter episode. Every time he gets money in any form, it looks as if he can't save it; he instead blows it on unimportant things, such as Barry Cuda and Snakey ("Barry Cuda" and "Cheap Snake".)

Cricket used to hate chores, though recently he's been willing to do them.

He also had an aversion for responsibility, until the events of "Critterball Crisis", where he got a job working at Big Coffee with Gloria and slowly started to accept responsibility. However, he is also shown to be outraged over certain things, such as chores and work. But nevertheless, he is able to handle them on occasion. If he has to, Cricket will do the hardest of work; this is shown in "Clubbed" where he single-handedly closed up the cafe while Gloria was out at a nightclub with her friends.

He also doesn't seem to care about his own body, like when he threatened to use his injured arm as evidence to squeal on Tilly to their dad for breaking his arm. ("Cricketsitter")

Initially tempted by this magical gift, Cricket refuses it in favor of getting his sister back on the Nice List.

Despite his rambunctious behavior and occassional selfishness, Cricket has shown in some episodes to be a nice and friendly person who will stand up for others in trouble. An example is shown in "Critterball Crisis" where he pins the destruction on himself, barely saving Gloria from unemployment. He is also very honest; if he has promised something, he will do anything it takes to make good on it. ("Cricket's Shoes") He has also treated his family to a meal at Crispy's, the top family restaurant in Big City, purely out of kindness. ("Desserted")

Cricket crying over Phoenix's disappearance.

While he is usually a cheerful person, Cricket's sensitive side is very rarely shown; for example, when Phoenix disappeared due to not attaining to her needs, he became very upset and tried to search for her all over town. At a biker's bar, he learns someone already took her and left, causing him to break down and cry, thinking he'd never see her again. ("Phoenix Rises")

Cricket under the effects of "the itch", aka his feral wild side.

Though Cricket is usually a nice guy, once a year he gets a "wild urge", referred to by Bill as "the itch", which causes him to become a feral, ballistic animal-minded boy where he loses complete control of himself and acts like he belongs in the wild. The only thing that can rid him of this wild behavior is if Bill takes him camping out in a vast forest, where he is able to eventually calm him down and cure his wildness. If Bill fails to do this however, the wild side gets worse and he starts going loose all over town, and he eventually forces others to follow in his footsteps until it wears off. ("Wild Side")



  • Agility: In "Football Camp", Russell says that Cricket exhibits a great deal of agility.
  • Determination: Cricket is quite determined for a kid his age, which landed him a spot on the Green family quilt, for example; he may even use this determination to do a taxing thing himself, like eating the sundae in "Desserted" and single-handedly closing up Big Coffee in "Clubbed". He was also able to face the Cyber Knights in "Cyberbullies", and is the only one not afraid to stand up to them.
  • Psychic link: In "Phoenix Rises", Cricket mentions a psychic link between him and Phoenix.
  • Music: Throughout the series and in the Broken Karaoke shorts, Cricket is shown to be a good singer.
  • Dancing: Cricket also has an affinity for dancing, as shown in numerous episodes.


  • Disruptive: Cricket's actions may easily disrupt the peace of everyone around him, and may even cause city-wide chaos.
  • Easily blinded by riches: Cricket is known to be easily blinded by riches, as seen in "Wishing Well" and "Flimflammed". However, this was not the case of Itchaboi in "Bad Influencer".
  • Selfishness: At times, Cricket is shown to be very selfish; this is best shown in "Green Christmas", where he ruins Big City's Christmas only because he was put on the naughty list.
  • Impulsiveness: As best shown in "Cheap Snake" with Snakey, Cricket is known to have moments of impulsiveness.
  • Inability to pay attention: As with most kids his age, Cricket has trouble paying attention to anyone. In "Quiet Please", he has a tenancy to get extremely bored and distracted; Chris Houghton hinted Cricket has ADHD.

Songs sung by Cricket


Shorts and Other Media


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Click here to view the relationships between Cricket Green and other characters.


Foreign voice actors

Language Actors
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Alejandro Bono
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Michel Di Fiori
Germany German David Turba
Denmark Danish Benjamin Hasselflug
Spain Spanish Jesús Angel Rosado
France French Thibaut Delmotte
Hungary Hungarian Markovics Tamás
Indonesia Indonesian Salman Pranata
Israel Hebrew Itan Grinberg (איטן גרינברג)
Italy Italy Stefano Broccoletti
Japan Japanese Yuuki Shin (新 祐樹)
South Korea Korean Nam Do-Hyung (남도형)
Netherlands Dutch Jip Bartels
Norway Norwegian Jon Arne Bjørnstad
Poland Polish Józef Pawłowski
Portugal Portuguese Guilherme Macedo
Sweden Swedish Jasper Adefeldt
Turkey Turkish Enver Güçlü


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Cricket's pre-"Big Deal" appearance (left), and his current appearance (right). Cricket's pre-"Big Deal" appearance (left), and his current appearance (right).
Cricket's pre-"Big Deal" appearance (left), and his current appearance (right).
  • Cricket is 10 years old, as confirmed by various source releases.
  • Inspiration for Cricket's character:
    • Cricket's name was mentioned by his voice actor, who remembered as a child tried to get his classmates to call him that, though unsuccessfully. Cricket's characteristics are based on his voice actor.
    • Cricket's hairstyle is loosely based on the haircut style that Chris had as a child. (pictured on the right)

      Cricket on the Left, Chris as a child on the right

      • Ironically, Cricket's physical appearance is somewhat similarly based on Jeremy Birnbaum from Star vs. the Forces of Evil, due to having the thin, short stature, similar hairstyle, as well as donning buck teeth.
    • Cricket's hairdo is also reminiscent of Moe Howard of The Three Stooges. This is mostly noticeable as a toddler.
    • His bucktooth is heavily similar to that of Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents.
    • Cricket's behavior is somewhat a bit similar to Bart Simpson from The Simpsons and SpongeBob SquarePants from the series of the same name, as he is mischievous and disobedient like the former, and optimistic like the latter.
    • In addition, his personality and age is similar to Amphibia character Sprig Plantar; both are enthusiastic 10-year-old boys who are always in mischief but are also kind and compassionate.
    • Cricket's tendency to be selfish and be blinded by riches seems to be similar to Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • Cricket's clothes when worn as a toddler are the same worn by Tommy Pickles from Rugrats.
    • Cricket being reckless and impulsive, disliking his job, having a tendency to destroy stuff and being slow-witted is similar to Beavis and Butt-head.
  • Cricket's metal plate.

    In "Cricketsitter", it is revealed that he has a square metal plate attached to the back of his skull when seen through an x-ray, the origin of such has yet to be mentioned.
    • Gravity FallsFord Pines also shares this trait, though in Ford's case the plate is placed at the front of his skull.
  • He is best known for his catchphrase, "Bingo bango!", which he says when he has a plan that either he had gotten, or succeeded. Its origin is unknown.
    • However, in "Uncaged" Nancy says it, so he may have gotten it from her. Additionally, in "Friend Con", Gramma says it. It is currently unknown where he gets the phrase; it could just run in the family.
    • Remy is seen saying it in "Gabriella's Fella"; this could be because he spends so much time with Cricket.
  • In "Cricket's Shoes", it's revealed that he's already been working at Big Coffee for three months.
  • He bears a striking resemblance to his ancestor, Bixby Green. ("Family Legacy")
  • In the Amphibia episode "A Night at the Inn", a doll of Cricket can be seen in Polly Plantar's room.
    • Matt Braly, a former director on Big City Greens, added him in as an Easter egg.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, his name was translated as "Grillo", which means "Cricket".
  • He cannot sleep without Tilly snoring as revealed in "Sleepover Sisters".
  • Prior to "Bear Trapped", he had an inexplicable aversion for bears; he'll usually put bear traps around the house, only for unwary people (e.g. Bill in "Space Chicken") to trip them.

    Cricket's paranoia around bears caused him to lay bear traps around the house, such as this one.

    • He describes them as "horrific uncivilized creatures".
    • This was until the events of "Bear Trapped", where he, Tilly, and Remy stumble upon a lost stray bear named Daisy who somehow got lost. Initially, Cricket was harsh towards the bear, before Daisy was taken away by animal control; his own doing.
    • However, he and the others were able to set her free in the sewer.
  • Currently, Cricket and Tilly are the only characters to appear in all of the episodes. However, they did not appear in all the shorts.
  • In the theme song and "Welcome Home", he was shown sitting in the front seat of the Kludge; in America, children must be of age 8-12 or older to sit in the front seat of a car and must be at least 4'10 (1.2 meters) and in some states must weigh at least 100 lbs (45 kg).
  • Despite being a child (around age 10 at least), Cricket sounds like he's 15–25.
    • This is common with animated shows.
  • He likes the number 3. ("Paint Misbehavin'")
  • He prefers donuts over bagels because he dismisses the latter as "boring". ("Paint Misbehavin'")
  • Apparently, Cricket saw love as a bad thing up until "Valentine's Dance".
    • This could be the reason he is disgusted by the romance in Kiss of Death ("Rated Cricket").
  • Currently, Cricket is the only member of the family to have a paying job (at Big Coffee), despite that he does not receive money like Gloria does (with a few exceptions, including "Barry Cuda"). However, this is ironic due to his aversion for chores (prior to “Critterball Crisis”), his age (well below the minimum age required to work) and the fact his father does not technically have a job, as he is only an independent seller (excluding “Night Bill”).
  • Since Cricket and Tilly had discovered in "Family Legacy" that the farm is threatened to be sold every generation if the kids don't act up, it is unknown if either he or Tilly will decide to sell the farm once they are old enough to run it.
  • Cricket doesn't like to be called a "good kid", preferring to be known for his rambunctious actions. ("Uncaged")
  • Cricket is the only member of the Greens to have an unusual first name.
    • According to a Tumblr Q&A, Chris Houghton confirmed "Cricket" is indeed his real name.[2]
  • Cricket was originally going to be named "Bucket."[3]
  • While not stated within the show, Cricket seems to suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder as several episodes depict him as being impulsive and hyperactive and he sometimes strays from important tasks for his own amusement.
    • Cricket may suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as shown in "Quiet Please".
  • According to Bill, in "Tilly Tour", Cricket once had soda when he was just a baby.
  • Cricket hates wearing shoes. This character trait is somewhat similar to Rapunzel in Tangled.
    • Although, in "Green Christmas", he internally wore boots, mainly due to the fact that his feet would not withstand the snow nor the ground being extremely cold. The same said for being in the extreme heat like in "Heat Beaters".
  • Cricket apparently keeps a frog in his front pocket. It is only seen in the intro, the episode "Remy Rescue" and at the beginning of Gramma's Theme Song Takeover. Chris stated that the frog is "always just kinda chillin'" inside his pocket with Shane commenting that he was "the kind of kid" who would do that.[4]
  • Whenever Cricket's hair Is hanging or parted upwards, the curved center section resembles devil horns, to befit his mischievous nature.
  • In "Hiya Henry", Cricket is revealed to suffer from severe automatonophobia, the fear of ventriloquist dummies.
  • In a Tumblr Q&A, Cricket claimed that his spirit animal was "one of those frogs that can shoot blood out of their eyes".[5] He is most likely referring to the Texas Horned Lizard, sometimes referred to as Horned Frogs.
  • He hates the flavor cherry. ("Green Streets")
  • In "Garage Tales," Cricket states he's a Flat-Earther.
  • Cricket drinks milk before going to sleep, as shown in “Sleepover Sisters” and “Dream Weaver”.
  • Cricket is the first kid on the show to be in a romantic relationship with someone.
  • "Cheap Show" revealed that Cricket thinks Bill's full first name is "Billiam".
  • In "Cheap Show" Cricket says Little Country Blues is his favorite show.
    • Little Country Blues is a parody of Big City Greens itself in the way that the main character is is a little boy wearing overalls with his catchphrase being "Dingo-dango!". This character is a parody of Cricket himself.
  • Cricket starts wearing outfits with shoes more frequently in Season 2.
  • "Quiet Please" reveals Cricket is into graphic novels.


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