"Cricket Versus"

Cricket Versus is the 3rd episode of Big City Greens. However, it is the 4th episode in chronological order.


Cricket must wrestle a wild animal in order to prove himself worthy of the Green family name. [4]


In Cricket and Tilly’s room, as the sunlight lit across Cricket, therefore waking him up with an excitement when he checked the calendar as its marks today, he firstly grabs the sheet off of Tilly’s bed the new dragging her down while telling her about today and then runs off the wake the other, as she feels very sleepy and lies back down.

Second he went into Bill’s room, waking Bill up and lastly in Gramma’s dark room, while hidden behind the chair, Gramma makes a quietly evil laughter as noting her that she was already prepared. As the Greens headed over to the kitchen and saw the breakfast made by Cricket as he explained that today is the day that Cricket will claim the official Greens family name, as Gramma showed the family a quilt which depicts a number of family members who went through the rite of passage as they were pictured, one had Bill wrestled a hawk, which he showed a scare on his chest, another one had Tilly taming a horse, the other had their mother wrestled a wolverine, as Gramma claims that it was taken in between the wedding and the honeymoon, as Cricket willingly to challenged to pass the rite of passage by finding a wild opponent as he dodges out the door, as Tilly poured Cricket’s bowl onto hers as she says more for her.

While outside in front of the Greens house, Cricket, who removes all of his clothes, down in his underwear, as he spreads mud on his face in a form of a x, as he willing to impose his instincts of finding a worthy opponent, he quietly stumble upon the cafe, first striking at a wooly clawed foot which claimed to be a guy wearing a slipper, as Gloria detected Cricket as she sprayed on him to scare him off, Informing the guy that he should get tested for rabies. He then went to the Food Dragon supermarket, only to be kicked out by the store manager as he informed Cricket that there’s no real dragon in the store, Cricket retaliated, while the manager kept say no. Leaving Cricket to think, until Gramma popped out of the bushes and yelled that it’s never easy finding it. When Cricket asks her of what happens if he doesn't complete the rite of passage by sundown, she reveals he wouldn't be a Green anymore and he’ll have to change his last name to something that she finds it stupid, but Cricket willing to take chance to try again.

While at the park, he and Gramma look for any wild animal to take upon, but neither of them that Cricket tried were ferocious enough to take on. So instead, Cricket insisted an idea, While back at the Greens house, in the kitchen with Bill and Tilly helped setting the utensils, they both decided to sing along with the song on the radio, until all the sudden, Cricket slammed the door open, shown very messy, as he explained with a make up story that he fought a escaped zoo lion, while he claimed that it finally sums up with him claiming the name, until Gramma came in and stated that she hadn't heard anything about an escaped lion, while Cricket added that the police wanted to keep it all of a secret, leading Gramma to examine until she realized that he had ketchup on him and added that he was faking it the whole time, leading Cricket in a outburst as he don't wanna be Green anyone.

While the family table, Cricket and Gramma staring angrily at each other while Tilly and Bill watched, as Bill started serving Cricket with the tray of string beans casserole, until it was taken by Gramma as she strictly said that the casserole is for Greens only, as she slid an can of corn towards him as he swiped it aside, as he finds canned corn disgusting, as Gramma added that he'll have to pay rent by getting a job, as Cricket couldn't take anyone, so he exited out the kitchen, while outside, Cricket shamefully added that he doesn't feel like Green, until overhearing Bill explaining to Gramma, until she lastly explained that what her grandmother think if she didn't go through the rite of passage as she left the kitchen, while outside Cricket mockingly stated that 10 boars are way scarier than her, until that moment he realize something.

While at Gramma's room, as Cricket kicked the door open while yelling loudly by her name, as Gramma flagged him she would not hesitate to hear quitter, until he turned her chair and heavily explained that he fought and find creatures that none were ferocious as what Gramma really was, as Gramma chuckled as she figured that Cricket would find out, but only wanted to inform him that he still got to wrestle her by sundown, as the showdown had begun, both fought until both broke through the boarded window onto outside with Tilly and Bill seeing it as Cricket did not want anyone to interfere with his battle until Gramma grabbed him by the leg while spinning until she let him loose, causing him to crash right in front of Bill and Tilly, as Gramma stated if he had enough.

Leaving Cricket with something he had to do, he forfeit the battle as he stately proven that he doesn’t have to wrestle a wild mammal just to claim the official Greens, leaving Gramma to be convinced that Cricket decides not to resume the fight until he grabbed the quilt and wrapped around Gramma, therefore trapping her until the sundown went down which now makes him officially a Green. Gramma had recently added a new stitching with Cricket and her onto the quilt, while it ended with Gramma going for round 2 as she snagged Cricket on a choke hold.



No! They cut me off! "No! They cut me off!"
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Big City Greens - Gramma vs Cricket (Clip)

Big City Greens - Gramma vs Cricket (Clip)

Titles in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese クリケットの挑戦
Kuriketto no Chōsen
Cricket's Challenge

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