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"Space Chicken and Steak Night"
"Cricket Versus and Blue Tater" Next:
"Swimming Fool and Tilly's Goat"
Cricket Versus title card
Blue Tater title card

Opening Credits for "Cricket Versus"

Story by
Shane Houghton

Written & Storyboarded by
Amy Hudkins
Jonathon Wallach

Directed by
Matt Braly

Opening Credits for "Blue Tater"

Story by
Michael McCafferty

Written & Storyboarded by
Aaron Austin
Chris Pianka

Directed by
Monica Ray

Ending Credits

Executive Producers
Rob Renzetti
Chris Houghton
Shane Houghton

Line Producer
Jason Wyatt

Story Editor
Kenny Byerly

With the Voice Talents of

Chris Houghton
Marieve Herington
Bob Joles
Artemis Pebdani
Anna Akana
Andy Daly

as Cricket Green
as Tilly Green
as Bill Green
as Gramma Alice
as Gloria
as Officer Keys

Additional Voices
Andy Daly
Marieve Herington
Chris Houghton
Shane Houghton
Bob Joles
Artemis Pebdani

Casting by
Aaron Drown
Rachel Glauber Artmont

Art Director
Romney Caswell

Storyboard Supervisor
Carson Kugler

Background Design
Dylan Forman
Alex Lee
Steve Lowtwait
Matthew Thiebes

Lead Character Design
Ali Danesh

Character Clean-up
Joseph Game

Character Design
Gordon Hammond
Martin Wittig

Prop Design
Anthony Vukojevich

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