Cricketsitter is the 7th episode of Big City Greens.


Bill takes Gramma to a doctor's checkup and leaves Tilly in charge of Cricket.


Bill and Gramma are in the living room having an argument about Gramma's health and whether or not she is going to the doctor's for a checkup. Before shoving Gramma into a wheel chair and wheeling her out of the house Bill puts Tilly in charge of watching Cricket while they're gone, making Tilly happy and Cricket upset. Once Bill and Gramma are gone, Cricket explains to Tilly that with their Dad out of the house he can complete his bucket list (literally a list of things you can do with or in a bucket), much to Tilly’s displeasure. After having a “talk” with her homemade flour sack doll, Saxon, Tilly comes up with a plan to scare Cricket into forgetting about his bucket list by tying the rope to Cricket’s bucket that he is in to the leg of their cow, Miss Brenda, then hits her, sending Cricket flying into a tree. After explaining that he is fine to Tilly, Cricket noticed that one of his arms didn’t go up when he was trying to prove his point, making him poke it and scream in pain. Tilly tried to fix it with a mud cast, but soon takes Cricket to the hospital disguised as a soldier and a nurse. Meanwhile Gramma has gotten the news that she is in excellent health while Bill is not and needs to go through a few test. In the x-ray room, Tilly and Cricket find out that Cricket has only dislocated his shoulder and that he would be fine. While talking to the nurse about how she lied to Cricket about him getting hurt to save herself from their father getting mad at her, she doesn't realize that the speaker is on and that Cricket heard everything, making him mad and run to find their Dad to show him his arm for evidence of what Tilly did as revenge, but Tilly tackles him, popping his shoulder back into place and making him upset since everyone thinks Tilly is perfect and it was his one chance to prove she wasn’t. After feeling bad and telling their Dad about what happened (thought Bill was passed out on the other side of the curtain) Cricket and Tilly ride in a bucket with Miss Brenda pulling them back home.


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