"Critterball Crisis"

Critterball Crisis is the 18th episode of Big City Greens. However, it is the 7th episode in chronological order.


When Cricket loses all of his critterballs over the fence, Gloria refuses to return them.[1]


Cricket, Tilly and Remy are playing Critterball, a "traditional" game that involves kicking a basic recreational ball and running around on a diamond. They accidentally kick a ball over the fence and into the local cafe, Big Coffee, where it disturbs Gloria. Gloria has had to put up with Cricket's antics and angrily tells him and his friends to stay away. They disregard her warning and end up kicking numerous balls over the fence that wreck the outdoor area of Big Coffee. The kids head over the ask Gloria for the balls back, but out of revenge, she refuses telling Cricket that she never wants to see "[his] stupid face" again.

Cricket goes inside and orders a coffee to get close to Gloria. When he takes notice of an Eiffel Tower model, Gloria reveals her dream of one day going to Paris as it is supposed to be a romantic place. When Cricket interjects about getting his balls back, Gloria kicks him out. The kids resolve to steal the balls back, so Tilly and Remy put on a show to distract everyone while Cricket sneaks into the back to get the critterballs. When he cannot open Gloria's locker, he decides to steal her Eiffel Tower model and barters a trade with her. However, the trade goes wrong and Gloria's tower is shattered. Gloria responds by deflating all of the critterballs.

Cricket rounds up all the farm animals and they storm Big Coffee. A huge fight between the kids and Gloria results in the restaurant getting trashed and dirtied. Suddenly, Ms. Cho, Gloria's boss, enters and sees the destruction. She fires Gloria, but Cricket realizes that her dream of Paris is similar to his love for Critterball and he tells Ms. Cho that he caused the damage. He then follows with an idea, hire him to pay for the damages and then she can fire him. Ms. Cho agrees and rehires Gloria as well. With the two working, Cricket creates a poorly constructed Eiffel Tower using the restaurant's items. Gloria is touched by the kind gesture, but the moment is ruined when Cricket drops it.


Titles in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese ボールとエッフェル
Bōru to Efferu Tou
The Balls and the Eiffel Tower

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