Do It All Again is a series song that is used during the closing credits. The song was written by Chris and Shane Houghton.


I got sweat in my eyes
Lost a bet and got bit by a hundred flies
I fell out a big old tree
Hit every branch and scraped up both my knees
I got chased by a dog
Bit by a frog
Got a rash on my leg
Dropped a dozen eggs
I got splinters at seven and ten
And tomorrow, I'll do it all again


  • So far, certain parts of its lyrics has been fulfilled in-series:
    • "I got sweat in my eyes" - In "Swimming Fool", a boy jumps in the pool which soaks Cricket, and the chlorine gets in his eyes and stings them.
    • "Lost a bet..." - In "Blue Tater", Tilly makes a bet with Cricket and wins.
    • "...and got bit by a hundred flies" - In "Welcome Home", a fly goes into Cricket's mouth, and several others fly in his face.
    • "I fell out a big old tree" - In "Cricketsitter", Cricket falls out of the backyard tree when Tilly's scare goes in action.
    • "Hit every branch..." - In "Cricketsitter", while Cricket is falling out of the tree, he hits every branch, injuring his arm.
    • "I got chased by a dog" - In "Cricket's Shoes", dogs chase Cricket and Bill out of the dog park.
    • It happened in Tilly's Goat, where he was chased by Phoenix.
      • This is also technically fulfilled in "Phoenix Rises", where Phoenix chases Cricket in his flashback.
    • "Dropped a dozen eggs" - In "Breaking News", Cricket reveals hundreds of eggs broken on the ground from his failed egg juggling attempts.


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