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"Dream Weaver"

I'm like a puppet man wrigglin' their dream strings!

Cricket Green

Dream Weaver is the 15th episode of Season 2 and the 73rd episode of Big City Greens overall.


Cricket discovers he can influence the family's dreams to disastrous real-life results.[1]


Cricket wakes up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep. He tries to entertain himself with the refrigerator, having a staring contest with a skull and drawing pictures, all of which he finds boring.

As he ponders what to do next, he overhears Tilly talking in her sleep and realizes that her dream sounds entertaining. Tilly is the host of a surreal television program called Miss Tilly's Fun Time TV Hour where she takes part in performing comedic bits to her audience of mermaid children. After Cricket gets an answer for asking what "Zamwopples" means, he learns that Tilly can hear him. Taking on the form of a furry pink creature with antlers, Cricket asks Tilly to bring in a two headed cow in a business suit and to yodel to it. Tilly complies as the dream takes shape. Cricket wonders if the same thing can happen with Bill and Gramma Alice and goes to check on them. As he leaves, Tilly's dream takes a turn for the worst as the two headed cow tells Tilly that because she is taking requests the show is not good anymore and decide to go "a different direction".

Cricket enters Bill's room and learns that Bill dreams about being a sentient truck. Cricket asks who is driving him and he says another Bill truck is driving him. When Cricket tries to add logic to it, Bill begins to panic and Cricket suggests popping the hood open. As Cricket leaves, Bill discovers that under his hood are tiny Bills running him who tell him that "[he] wasn't supposed to see this".

In Alice's dream, Alice is a muscular warrior who lives off the land alone in a cabin. Cricket introduces small annoying gnome to her dream that she stomps out. As Cricket leaves, more gnomes spring out of the ground and Alice tries to destroy them, but they appear to be immune.

Cricket tries to go back to sleep, but Tilly, Bill and Alice begin sleepwalking and making a mess of the house. Tilly is getting replaced by Puppy Benny, Bill keeps encountering more Bill related sites and Alice is attacked by more gnomes. Realizing his mistake, and unable to awaken them, Cricket gets them all to calm down. He has Bill dream of himself driving a truck, Alice dream of eating gnome soup and Tilly dream of a regular puppy and getting her show back.

Cricket goes back to sleep with his family, promising never to mess with anyone's dreams again, but the sun rises right when he does so, with everyone, minus a now tired Cricket, energetic. Cricket tries to get to sleep, but the family forces him to come outside with them with Cricket shouting to be "awoken" from his "nightmare".

The episode ends with the pink furry creature materializes in the house and tells the audience "Wake up, you were dreaming!"


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Additional voices: Shane Houghton, Jeff Bennett, Tom Kenny

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Tejedor de Sueños Dreamweaver
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Sonha Dores Dream Aches
Japan Japanese 夢を操る者
Yume o ayatsuru mono
Those who manipulate dreams
Portugal Portuguese Encantador de Sonhos Dream Enchanter
Romania Romanian Țesătorul de vise The Weaver of Dreams
Vietnam Vietnamese Người Điều Khiển Giấc Mơ Dream controller



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