Gabriella is a character of Big City Greens. She appears in the episode Valentine Dance.


She has medium purple hair, singly braided with a light blue bow, with light purple skin, and wears a light blue dress.

Personality and history

Her personality and background remains partially unclear, although she's generally described as nice and rather down-to-earth. However, she was unable to express it because of the fact that she appears in a few portions of the episode and due to having the main plot involving Cricket Green (who had an unwanted crush on her) running away from her.

By the end of the episode, Cricket came to (falsely) admit to her, but she explained that she only wanted to ask him out to dance and was never realistically in love with him at all, plus she states that she doesn't know him or his name, and instead she amicably decides to dance with Remy instead.



  • She is voiced by Jenna Ortega, who portrayed Harley Diaz in Stuck in the Middle.

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