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Gabriella Carlita Espinosa is a supporting character of Big City Greens. She is Cricket's female counterpart and love interest, and eventual girlfriend.



Gabriella has fuchsia skin with darker purple hair tied back in a low ponytail with an olive-colored scrunchie, and wears lipstick. She seems to have a puffy cheek and is about a few inches taller than Cricket, around Tilly's height.


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She wears a medium blue t-shirt and darker blue capri pants, and orange shoes with white socks.


Gabriella would love to pull pranks with Cricket.png

Gabriella is nice and rather down-to-earth, but has some spunk to her. However, she enjoys other non-feminine activities as well, basketball for instance. Like most children, she wants to have fun, but doesn't put up with anything "ridiculous" that will put her off. She is also relatively friendly, especially to Cricket and Remy, the former of whom she happily goes out with. Despite not considering herself "romantic", she is still happy enough to "date" him.

It is revealed in "Gabriella's Fella" that she is a mischievous troublemaker just like Cricket, having gotten over the intercom one time to say the word "dookie", which forced her to do community service and paint a mural for Community Sue. She also enjoys pranking, which is shown to its full extent in "Date Night". The aforementioned episode also reveals she hates mushy romance, much like Cricket (evidenced when he saw Kiss of Death in the episode, Rated Cricket).


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Click here to view the history of Gabriella Espinosa.



Cricket Green

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First meeting Cricket in "Valentine's Dance", Gabriella at first didn't have a romantic connection with him, as she first saw him at the Valentine's Day dance and just wanted to dance with him. However, due to his new discovery of love and his belief that it takes things away until you're left with nothing, he repeatedly avoids her. As a result, she asks Remy instead; but to Cricket's relief, they're just friends.

When she encountered Cricket again in "Gabriella's Fella", Cricket discovers she's a rambunctious prankster just like him, which they quickly bond over. Since that episode, the two become a couple; however, they prefer to stray from the overly romantic side of the relationship given their age. When they went on their first date in "Date Night", they wanted to see the America Rat movie until Bill altered it into a proper date, but made it fun and rebellious for their sake.

Remy Remington

In "Valentine's Dance" and "Gabriella's Fella", Remy mentions that Gabriella is one of his friends.

Tilly Green

Although the two have yet to interact, Tilly knows about Gabriella's existence after Cricket told her, and carries a photo of her to prove anyone who doesn't believe her. She was the first Green family member to hear of their relationship.

Bill Green

Prior to "Date Night", Bill has not interacted with Gabriella. When Cricket mentions his relationship with Gabriella for the first time, he is stunned; he giddily accepts Cricket's offer to chaffeur him and Gabriella on their first date. However, said date goes south when Bill halts their pranking and forces them to do a proper date. Seeing both kids embarassed and sad due to being forced to abide by proper dating attitude, Bill decides to make the restaurant go significantly faster, which nets them both excitement from the kids and a cleaning job by one of the staff.

Alice Green

Gramma has yet to interact with Gabriella. When Cricket mentions his relationship with Gabriella for the first time, she is stunned.

Nancy Green

Nancy's first interaction, and discovery of Gabriella and her relationship with Cricket, is in "Bat Girl". Being the last nuclear Green to hear of their relationship, Nancy is awestruck by the fact Cricket has a girlfriend, to the point she inadvertantly embarrasses him in front of the Sue-Zers.


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  • She is voiced by Jenna Ortega, who portrayed Harley Diaz in Stuck in the Middle and voiced Princess Isabel in Elena of Avalor.
  • Her first name is possibly a reference to Gabriella Montez from the High School Musical series.
  • She is probably Hispanic, as her middle and last names come from Mexican and Spanish culture.
    • Coincidentally, her voice actor is Hispanic in real life.
  • Her color palette is similar to Kiki's, except it is a little more pink.
  • She is similar to Isabella Garcia-Shapiro from Phineas and Ferb, and Ivy Sundew from Amphibia.
    • Her hating of exaggerated romance and liking tomboyish activities, especially pranking in particular, is similar to Jessica Lovejoy from The Simpsons and Ronnie Anne Santiago from The Loud House and its spinoff The Casagrandes.
  • Her last name is possibly a reference to the actress Eden Espinosa, who voiced Cassandra in another Disney Channel series, Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure.
  • She shares several traits with Cricket:
    • She predominately wears blue.
    • Her shoes don't match her clothes, similar to Cricket who doesn't wear shoes at all.
    • She's a mischievous prankster who goes on misadventures herself.
    • She doesn't like work, like how Cricket hates chores.
    • She's quite disgusted towards exaggerated romance, like how Cricket felt when he saw Kiss of Death.
  • While most animated shows tend to develop romantic relationships over the course of the series' run, Gabriella and Cricket's relationship was made official by the middle of the second season.
    • This was also seen with Sprig Plantar and Ivy Sundew from Amphibia, as both become a couple by the end of the first season. They confess their feelings for each other like how Cricket and Gabriella did.
  • Gabriella's blue clothing scheme signifies her femininity, while her orange-red shoes are a visual showing of her hidden prankster life.
  • Her regular wardrobe is similar to Roxanne from A Goofy Movie.
  • Her parents may appear in the show.
  • She has yet to appear in an episode animated by Rough Draft Korea.
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