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When I was growing up, I always wished I were from someplace more interesting, like Big City, or Paris! But the truth is, I'm not.
—Gloria Sato, "Coffee Quest"

Gloria Sato[1] (Japanese: グロリア・サトウ, Guroria Satō) is a main character of Big City Greens. She is a former barista at the café next to the Greens' house, who aspires to go to Paris, and often has to deal with Cricket's shenanigans, but soon they become friends and co-workers. As of "Chipocalypse Now", she now resides with the Greens and was unemployed, but she eventually manages to open the Gloria + Green Café in the Season 2 Finale.



Gloria is a tall, slim young woman who has light purple skin, and blue hair.

In "The Van", it is revealed that she has put on some weight due to the depression which ensued due to her unemployment though she appears to have lose the gained weight by "Gloria's Café".


Main article: Gloria Sato/Outfits

She wears a pink t-shirt, purple pants, and black slip-on shoes. She also wears her hair in a ponytail.

When working at Big Coffee, she wore a brown hat and apron over her clothes, just like all Big Coffee employees. This was repeated with her Wholesome Foods attire, but with a green apron instead of a brown one.

On special occasions (Paint Misbehavin' and Valentine's Dance) she'll dress up nicely. She has a red vest, a pinkish skirt, orange-brown sandals, yellow earrings and a black hair tie instead of her usual pink one for the art gallery. For the Valentine's dance, she wears pink dress, with a white lace in the middle, black heels, white earrings, and her usual pink hair tie. For the open mic night, she has a black sweater.

In a photograph taken with her parents sometime before she left for Big City, she had a turquoise vest and jeans.

In season 3, Gloria is going to have her hair down.


Gloria is a hardworking, though very stressed, café barista. She gets irritated with the Greens when they mess up her café. Already quite stressed due to the load of her job, Gloria can quickly lose her patience, especially when it has something to do with Cricket's shenanigans. However, she can stoop to Cricket and Tilly's level of childishness such as when she stole their critterballs out of spite and eventually started playing with them before almost getting fired by her boss ("Critterball Crisis"). Once Cricket begins to work at Big Coffee, she is still somewhat annoyed by his antics, but has cooled down and has developed something of an older sister attitude to the boy.

Gloria dreams of making enough money so that she may see Paris, which she has a romantic view of to the point of Paris Syndrome and is why she doesn't want Cricket to jeopardize her dreams. She has an artistic side, as revealed in "Paint Misbehavin'", and has dabbled unsuccessfully in abstract art.

She is also very stressed and uncertain. When she describes projecting her feelings in abstract art, she says that she has "Hopes and dreams and failures and insecurities and emptiness and loneliness and darkness and endless trying to no avail and dreams being crushed...", showing just how down and depressed she can get.



It's time for Gloria to PURSUE HER DREAMS!!!

  • Determination: Wanting to pursue her dream of moving to Paris, Gloria shows a determined side to her, even when unemployed. This strong determination of her's, having to make do with her current situation and working with the family she once despised the first time she met them, has led her to a successful start.

That's one for the masses to see.

  • Influence on social media: Gloria is a potent user of social media, and is somewhat famous on social platforms. Because of this, in "Sellouts," she is able to save the Green's stand by helping advertise what they're selling on her account, which was previously struggling to get any sales at all, even getting people from different cities to come over to buy from it. Within no time, the stand completely sells out, with Gloria genuinely feeling proud of herself afterwards. However, in "Ding Dongers", this is subverted due to Gloria, having no knowledge of current trends, passing down her phone to Tilly (who soon foresakes it presumably for good). It is currently unknown if she will get another phone.

Agent William Walker on the case.

  • Acting: Having taken some theatre classes ("Flimflammed"), Gloria is capable of acting out different characters. This skill results in her successfully getting her money back from a con artist, who had previously scammed Cricket, and attempted to once more after Cricket tried to con him back for the first time he did it to him and in attempt to make it up to Gloria for scamming her, as well.

That's gonna leave a mark.

  • Fighting skills: In "Coffee Quest", Gloria shows an athletic side of her, spin-kicking Chip Whistler into a nearby crate. She attributes this to tae kwon do classes. Later on, she kicks the bean bag into Chip's face, a talent she learned from youth soccer. In "Chipocalypse Now", it is revealed she has a purple belt.
  • Agility: In addition to the abovementioned fighting skills, Gloria is also somewhat agile, being able to run quite fast.


Gloria's anxiety.

  • Depression and anxiety:
    • As mentioned above, Gloria is very stressed and uncertain, and the way she projected her feelings in abstract art shows how depressed she can get. In relation to her anxiety, Gloria is very sensitive to even perceived rejection, and can go to extremes in attempt to avoid it. This anxiety appears to have been with her since a very young age, as she makes a remark in "Valentine's Dance" that she had her first panic attack when she was around half of Cricket's age (five years old).
    • In "Clubbed," Gloria pretends to not recognize Tilly and Andromeda around the new group of girls she met because she wanted to avoid being embarrassed by them, later calling them "just annoying little kids" in the heat of the moment. Gloria is shown throughout the episode trying very hard to get the group to like her, it being clear she feels like she has to act a certain way in order for them to, shown through her exaggerated laughing and general behavior around the group.

      With this lie of her's lasting a long time, it's high time she keeps it up...

    • In "'Rent Control," it's revealed she had been lying to her parents about her life for years, and wouldn't tell them the truth because she didn't want to disappoint them. She still attempts to continue the façade of being very well off when they come to visit, with the help of the Greens and Remy.
    • Gloria is down in the dumps.

      This depression is to the point that after she temporarily loses her Big Animation internship, due to Kingdom of Lore being on a season break, Gloria has apparently turned to heavy eating (Burger Clown to be exact), to the point she has gained some weight ("The Van"), which she loses in a short amount of time ("Gloria's Café")
  • Apparent cynical view:
    • Gloria is terrified of the many bad outcomes of her attempt to ask out Kevin...

      Gloria seems to have a cynical view of herself, and due to this, tends to have low self esteem, with the episode "Big Resolution" tackling her fear of asking out her crush Kevin, where she believes she will definitely be harshly rejected and that she'd be a fool for thinking he would go out with her. She states in the episode that if she never asks him out, he'll never have the chance to reject her, and that she can't lose if she doesn't try.
    • Gloria admits she is useless, having let loose all the Greens' chickens.

      She even considered herself to be useless after she failed to feed Cricket's chickens in "Sellouts," which she wanted to do because she was under the impression the Greens also thought she was useless, only doing this to "prove her worth" to them. Gloria is shown to be very grumpy when working at Burger Clown due to it not being the job she wanted.
  • Impulsiveness and forgetfulness:
    • There are times where she can be impulsive and forgetful, as well. In "Elevator Action," Gloria gets so infuriated by people on social media that she throws her phone across the room and breaks it, immediately regretting doing so. Later on, she almost walks off without paying for a parking meter, before quickly going back when the realization hits her. While trapped in the elevator with the Greens, she looks at the view of Big City with Cricket, before noticing the time on her parking meter is about to run out. This leads her to grab her phone to call for help, forgetting it's broken, followed up by her saying "Oh. Riiigght..."
    • In "Rent Control," she is seen attempting to dive (but instead falling right onto the the diving board, bouncing off of it) into the Remington's pool of coins without thinking the decision through until it was too late, slamming her back onto the mass of metal.

      Gloria after she inadvertently started a chicken run. (Chicken run not shown.)

    • Another example is in "Sellouts," where Gloria gets distracted by a "cool" chicken that had ran off when she opened the door to the chicken coop. When she catches it, she decides to take time to post about it, as she thinks it looks cool, forgetting that the door is still open, forgetting about the rest of the chickens, who manages to escape.
  • Gullibility:
    • Tying into to her impulsiveness, it's shown that she can also be very gullible at times, mainly in situations in which something she really likes or wants is involved. In "Green Christmas," Cricket easily tricks her into walking off from her job after he lied and acted like he saw Kevin somewhere nearby.
    • Cricket also cons Gloria in "Flimflammed," where Gloria quickly becomes intrigued at the prospect of being able to "double her money" so she could afford to go to a concert with her friends, with Cricket taking advantage of this in order to scam her.
    • In addition, she was lured to the target location for a contraption made by Tilly and Andromeda, where they used a fake "1 free trip to Paris" ticket in order to get her attention in "Clubbed."

Due to the toll her work gives her, Gloria has a short fuse; in this instance, she chases Cricket in a rage after realizing he conned her.

  • Rage/very short temper:
    • Gloria's stress may get to her due to someone, most likely Cricket, pushing her; one instance is seen in "Flimflammed" where she chased Cricket around his house in a mad chase due to him conning her, and Chip annoying her by calling her "Ponytail" in "Coffee Quest".
    • "IT'S NOT THAT EASY!!!"

      As mentioned previously, Gloria threw her phone and caused it to break in "Elevator Action," after building up anger from seeing several posts on social media of people - her friends in particular - being successful and happy. The post that pushed her over her limits was one where someone states that "being happy is so easy," leading Gloria to yell that it isn't while throwing the phone.
    • In "Chipocalypse Now", Gloria, finally having enough of Cricket and Chip's ongoing feud, takes Wholesome Foods' side in spite of the Greens being by her side in various situations.

      Gloria's jealousy quickly making way to absolute rage.

    • In "'Rent Control," while she's on the phone with her parents, they once again mention her cousin Emily, who she is always being compared to, telling Gloria that she just bought a house. Given her current situation of having just lost her two jobs + apartment and not being able to afford a place to live, this visibly hurts Gloria, leading her to mute the call and scream very loudly in frustration before resuming, even making Gramma peep from the kitchen to check what's going on and shocking the kids.


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Click here to view the history of Gloria Sato.


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Click here to view the relationships between Gloria Sato and other characters.


Foreign voice actors

Language Actors Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Martina Panno
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Samira Fernandes
Germany German Marieke Oeffinger
Spain Spanish (Castilian) Antía Álvarez Jiménez
France French Audrey Devos
Hungary Hungarian Dögei Éva
Indonesia Indonesian Edah Nuraidah
Japan Japanese Mika Kanda (神田 みか)
Poland Polish Milena Staszuk (1st voice)
Klaudia Bełcik (2nd voice)
Portugal Portuguese Carla Garcia


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  • Her main goal in life is to move to Paris; she had a model Eiffel Tower to remind her of it until Cricket accidentally broke it ("Critterball Crisis").
  • She went to art school for 4 years ("Paint Misbehavin'").
  • She knows Taekwondo and took Youth Soccer, hence her athletics she had shown in her quest for the coffee bag ("Coffee Quest").
  • She, like Cricket, loves Parade Day, but she never got to see it because it is also the busiest day in Big City; that is, until Cricket allowed her to see it for herself for the first time ever ("Parade Day").
  • She has a parakeet that doesn't love her ("Paint Misbehavin'", "Homeshare Hoedown")
  • She has been employee of the month 3 months in a row ever since Cricket started working there, until Tilly usurped her (Tilly willingly sacrificed the title for Gloria) ("Cricket's Shoes"). This position is permanently revoked due to Big Coffee closing; just prior to its closure, it is unknown if she retained her employee of the month title.
  • In "Coffee Quest", she revealed that was from the suburbs similar to how Cricket and his family came from countryside.
  • Gloria seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Ice Cream, as evidenced by her eating some in "Homeshare Hoedown" and her parrot telling Cricket that she ate a whole box in one sitting again in "Coffee Quest".
  • Chris Houghton revealed that her last name is "Sato", and mentioned that it would be mentioned on the show in a future episode. Her last name would be revealed in the episode "'Rent Control", as Gloria's parents' surnames are "Sato" (which would be released in 2021 instead of 2020).[1] "The Room", also released in 2021, is the first episode to confirm her full name, appearing in a short interview segment, and "Gloria's Café" is the first episode to have it be spoken.
    • Due to this, Gloria's full name, for the longest time, was left unrevealed in an episode for over a year.
    • Based on her surname and voice actress, it can be assumed that Gloria is Japanese-American.
      • In "'Rent Control", her parents are capable of speaking Japanese, so she may be Japanese-American.
  • Inspiration for Gloria's character:
  • "Uncaged" is the only double-length episode where Gloria did not appear.
  • She was strangely not seen in the promo for "Chipocalypse Now", despite appearing in the previous episode and the fact that half of Elkins Street revolves around her. She is also the only main character to not appear on the promotional poster on Twitter, with her position somehow taken up by Vasquez.
    • This may be to hide the reveal in the episode that Gloria decided to take up a job at Wholesome Foods.
  • In "Space Chicken", her voice was a bit high-pitched and sounded athletic, in later episodes, her voice got progressively low-pitched and sounds more attentive.
  • She is the only main character other than the Greens who has yet to sing a single song on the show.
    • However, her voice actress sang as Sasha (Anna's other role) for Amphibia's second Theme Song Takeover and the Amphibia season 2 episode "Battle of the Bands".

The only time Gloria is seen with her hair undone in the series.

  • Although Gloria currently hasn't been seen wearing her hair down in the series (with the exception of her fantasy self in "Critterball Crisis"), she has been drawn with it that way by some crew members, being depicted as much shorter than shown in the fantasy.
    • This hairstyle was supposed to be different during production.

      There was also a conceptual sketch made of her wearing it down with a backwards cap for when she moved in with the Greens at the end of "Chipocalypse Now," but it never made it into the final product.
    • Her hair may have been worn down here, but it isn't known if it actually is.

      It should be noted that it can appear to be down at a glance in "Green Christmas," but it also resembles two pigtails, different from her usual style. Since we never see Gloria's head from behind in that episode, however, it can be difficult to tell which one it is.


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