Green's House is a main location of Big City Greens. Its where Cricket and the Green Family primarily resides at. The exact street address is 5307 Elkins Street.


Its a shabby, weather-beated house, but rather a shack (resembling houses that of mostly being found in the rural) that contains scaffolding panels placed on the roof, while having the walls made mostly red wood, with two windows, while the outside, has a small red shed, and a large field, which has cow and a few chickens. However its between the "Big Coffee", a coffee shop and another apartment building aside.

On the inside contains a living and dining room, and a kitchen.

Gramma's Room

It's where Alice lives in, which the walls are particularly pale green with torn parts, while it has a few picture frames, a single oval mirror, a boarded up window, a queen size bed, two sets of dressers, a tv which she leaves it on while asleep, a worn red single sofa, where she mostly sleeps at, and there's a pink cat clock, where it sits at on top of the dresser

Cricket & Tilly's Room

A Room where Cricket and Tilly, who both shares room, which it's quite messy, as the wall is mostly wooden, has a lot of selves full of other stuff, on one side of the room, a bed with a desk undernwhile Tilly mostly sleeps at, while Cricket's bed is actually a light green hammock, next to the window, while next to the window, there’s a red worn dresser which the bottom part revealed a hole in a wall.

Bill's room

Only there’s a minimal parts of the room are shown, is mostly a bed for him to sleep which is a king size, while there’s a shelf next to the door, which is held by cinder blocks and a wood planks, there’s a few picture frames in certain parts of the wall.


The Greens house was built circa. 1850, where the land was founded by Jerome and his son, Bixby, which it contains a barn built near aside the house, while years later, it was in a state of despair became razed, was replaced by a coffee shop, in front of the House was a railway that once existed was later decommissioned and replaced by a dirt road.



  • Much about the house being the city (as well as the family) is somewhat heavily based of another show, Hey Arnold, where a character named Stinky Peterson, who's family who originated from living in the countryside to being moved to city (much like the show's main theme), while living in a weathered down shack that is placed in the city, although the shack was built when it was just all but a farmland.
  • According to the series co-creators, the shed was basically similar to the ones that they remember in their childhood.
  • Since the House was built in the 1850's, it is considered as the oldest surviving building in the city.
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