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"Greens' Acres"

It's just... Ever since your dad passed, I'm short on time, money, and... I hate to admit it, but I need help.
—Young Alice Green

Greens' Acres is the 28th episode of Season 2 and the 86th episode of Big City Greens overall.


Young Bill will do whatever it takes to keep the family farm in business.


30 years ago, Bill is joviantly doing the farm chores for his mother Alice. At dinner, Alice is approached by a man named Quisling, who offers to sell the farm, for money. Bill is horrified at the idea that Alice is going to sell the farm, for they have no money since Ernest Green died; determined, he proclaims he's going to do all the "adult" chores for her.

The next day, Bill is assigned to haybaler duty; initially going slow, Bill hits the accelerator, hitting a rock and jamming the haybaler. When he tries to get it out, Alice pulls him out, stripping him off tractor duty. Bill sadly walks inside, and tries to drown his sorrows in bread. Realizing he doesn't need to do chores for his mom to get money, he decides to go around the country in search of jobs. However, he is turned down by all the potential clients.

His search leads him to Sunny Days Estates land, where he knocks on the first home he sees. A man approaches him with a business venture for counterfeit arcade tokens, one he'll do with a girl named Nancy. Bill is in awe at Nancy. The man sends the two business partners off to Big City.

They arrive at the video arcade named Joe's Arcade, where they initiate the scheme, making tons of money and doubling the patrons' tokens. However, as Bill attempts to service a wealthy boy, Joe, the manager of the arcade, catches him in the act. He and Nancy try to escape, but are bum-rushed by a young Russell Remington. When Joe compliments the young Russell and says he'll make a great police officer, a young Keys says he'll make a great police officer.

Bill and Nancy are sent to jail, and Bill is picked up by Alice, who is very disappointed. She is that disappointed she takes her rage out on a hay bale. Bill realizes that Alice has sacrificed a lot for him, and he only wants to return the favor. They ultimately take up Quisling's offer, selling the farm.

In the last scene, it is revealed that the entire episode is one entire story told by Alice to Bill, Nancy, Cricket and Tilly, who reprimand on her that despite what happened, Mr. Quisling sold the land to city developers, resulting in Big City being built around the house. It turns out Gramma didn't do a great job keeping Bill and Nancy apart, as they remain together. Bill realizes it was his fault for what happened, but Gramma is proud that he did it, and they all hug for a while before she breaks it off.


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Additional voices

  • CH Greenblatt (As Carl Greenblatt) as German Kid
  • Shane Houghton as Creepy farmer, Additional voices
  • Michael McCafferty as Quisling

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Granjero único modelo Unique farmer model
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Terra Green Terra Green
Japan Japanese グリーン農場 Green farm
Portugal Portuguese Os Hectares dos Green The Greens' Hectares



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