Juan Pablo is a character in Big City Greens (series).


Physical Appearance

He's roughly about 6'1", who has tan orange-brown skin, with dark navy spiked up blue hair and has a long straight chin with a small thin goatee, he also muscular built.


Wears a black sleeveless shirt with gold wristbands on both of his wrists, and a medium navy blue pants with grey shoes.


He described as a fine person, who's often eager to be a bit amazed on a person, especially if he sees something that the person is doing physically better than he sees from others, he enjoys anything, in particular in fitness, he enjoy being the judge who would perform from such entertainment, he's rarely seen elsewhere if possible by all means, in "Backflip Bill", he was amazed on Bill, who previously did gymnastics, that perform well enough to sign him in for the acrobatic competition.



All in the family
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