Jyle Donelan is the character and an antagonist who appeared in the episode "Night Bill".


Physical Appearance

He appear as fairly tall muscular stocky guy who's skin is deep red (mostly due to either anger), with light blond with a streak up top and a thick eyebrow (similar to what Cricket has).


He wears a purple amethyst shirt with black pants with brown belt and a dark brown shoes.

In the last appearance of the episode, he wears a dark blue jumpsuit with a "J" in the front and a smand white shoes


He's mostly loud, mean, boastful, selfish, and narcissist, while as a manager who expect to be mostly #1 in anything by all means, pushing his company to beat head of the game, but pushing most of employees, especially Bill, to continue promoting his energy drink, he’s mostly favors by mentioning in regards of winning the Global Fight Race, by which Bill explained that it's not selling because nobody buys them, possibly due to the ingredient that it contains which its not suitable or it is considered as a quackery, in all by means that he doesn't cares much about the workers only but for himself, he'll tend to be a bit impulsive, judging by his veins that might indicated slight impulse of anger, and he is not afraid to scold any worker who fails to take heed of his rules or ideas that are counterproductive, he also somewhat extremely determined such as racing against Cricket and Tilly, in order to keep Bill, held hostage under Jyle's belt, due to Bill signing a contract, which it will cause Bill to be forced to work for Jyle, under no circumstances, as he does everything to cheat his way of success for him than anyone.



  • He, Weezie, and Cricket are the only three (male) characters that sports a thick eyebrows.

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