Kiki is a supporting character of Big City Greens. She is voiced by series director Monica Ray (listed under “Additional Voices”). She is part of Benny and Weezie's group of friends, the only girl (excluding Tilly Green), and is almost never seen without them.



She is slightly shorter than Cricket. She has medium light violet skin, and dark purple violet medium length hair with violet highlights at the lower end.


She wears a teal green shirt with medium blue pants, while wearing dark red violet sandals and a white strapped watch on her left wrist.

Her swimming attire ("Swimming Fool") is a teal one-piece.


Kiki is depicted as a very nice and friendly, yet melodramatic, young girl. The former is seen in "Cricket's Shoes" while the latter is seen in "Cyberbullies"; the former due to her outgoing personality and the latter to the point she is easily depressed, but she would later assist Cricket Green in defeating the online gang who terrorised Kiki and her friends.

She is known for her love of technology, be it phone or video games; she is quite excitable, always on the lookout for things she thinks will trend ("Cricket's Shoes") and is known to watch other creators ("Bad Influencer")


Episodes marked in bold indicate a major role.


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