The following is a list of all the characters that have appeared in Big City Greens.

Main Characters

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Image Description First Appearance
Profile - Cricket Green.png

Cricket Green

The main protagonist of the show. He's the 10-year old grandson of Gramma Alice, a younger brother to Tilly, and a son to Bill. "Space Chicken"
Profile - Tilly Green.png

Tilly Green

The 12-year old granddaughter of Gramma Alice, a daughter to Bill, and older sister to Cricket. "Space Chicken"
Profile - Bill Green.png

Bill Green

The son of Gramma Alice, the father of Cricket and Tilly, and is Nancy's ex-husband. "Space Chicken"
Profile - Alice Green.png

"Gramma" Alice Green

The cranky mother to Bill, and grandmother to Cricket and Tilly, and the matriach of the Green family. "Space Chicken"
Profile - Gloria Sato.png

Gloria Sato

A barista at Big Coffee and an eventual friend and co-worker of Cricket. "Space Chicken"
Profile - Remy Remington.png

Remy Remington

Cricket and Tilly's best friend, and the 10-year old son of Russell and Rashida Remington. "Space Chicken"
Profile - Nancy Green.png

Nancy Green

Cricket and Tilly's rebellious mother and Bill's ex-wife. "Phoenix Rises"

Supporting Characters

Image Description First Appearance
Profile - Officer Keys.png

Officer Keys

An optimistic police officer in Big City. "Cricket Versus"
Profile - Gwendolyn Zapp.png

Gwendolyn Zapp

The crazy CEO of the technology company BigTech. "Car Trouble"
Profile - Russell Remington.png

Russell Remington

The father of Remy and Rashida Remington's husband. He is known for being a star football player. "Remy Rescue"
Profile - Rashida Remington.png

Rashida Remington

The mother of Remy and Russell Remington’s wife. "Remy Rescue"
Profile - Andromeda.png


A paranormal fanatic and best friend of Tilly. "Gargoyle Gals"
Profile - Chip Whistler S2.png

Chip Whistler

The main antagonist of the show. He is the manager, and now owner, of Wholesome Foods corporation and arch-nemesis of the Greens. "Supermarket Scandal"
Screenshot (2471).png

Ms. Cho

Gloria's (and later Cricket's) boss. "Critterball Crisis"
Profile - Benny.png


A small kid who is a friend of Kiki and Weezie and admires, and is a friend of, Cricket. "Swimming Fool"
Profile - Kiki.png


An eccentric girl who is a friend of Benny and Weezie, and an admirer, and friend, of Cricket. "Swimming Fool"
Profile - Weezie.png


A laid back kid who is a friend of Benny and Kiki and an admirer, and friend, of Cricket. "Cricket's Shoes"


Remy's staunch and loyal bodyguard. "Remy Rescue"
Profile - Gabriella Espinosa.png

Gabriella Espinosa

A laid-back but fun-loving girl, and Cricket's girlfriend. "Valentine's Dance"

Big City Residents

Image Description Episode Appearances


Mark is a local resident, a good samaritan, who rescues people and animals; he's known as the City Hero. "Skunked"

Community Sue

Community Sue is the tough-as-nails coach at the Big City Community Center. "Winner Winner"
"Valentine's Dance"

"Gabriella's Fella"


Brett is a cool guy who lives in the apartment next door to the Greens. "Tilly's Goat"
"Critterball Crisis"
"Blood Moon"
"Cricket's Place"
"Volunteer Tilly"

Mr. Grigorian

Mr. Grigorian is a grumpy old man who lives in the apartment next door to the Greens. "Forbidden Feline"
"Cricket's Place"

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo is a local instructor who works at the Big City Community Center. "Backflip Bill"
"Winner Winner"

Wholesome Greg

Wholesome Greg is a worker at Wholesome Foods and one of Chip's cohorts. He is usually seen working with Wholesome Rose. "Coffee Quest"

Jyle Donelan

Jyle Donelan is Bill's short-tempered former boss and athlete. He is known to be a Global Fight Race contestant. "Night Bill"


Carlos is one of Kiki and Benny's friends. "Swimming Fool"
"Bear Trapped"


Louis is a store manager who works at Price Busters. "Big Deal"


Terry is Alexander's silent best friend and partner. "Fill Bill"
"Barry Cuda"


Alexander is Terry's rather talkative best friend and partner. "Gridlocked"
"Fill Bill"
"Barry Cuda"

Unnamed Characters

Image Description Episode Appearances

Male Jogger

This resident is usually seen jogging. "Space Chicken"
"Bear Trapped"
"Gargoyle Gals"
"Winner Winner"

Male Announcer

This announcer can be seen at Big City Stadium. "Gramma's License"

Burrito Seller

This burrito seller can be seen at the park selling fast food. "Bear Trapped"

Street Dancer

This male dancer was challenged by Cricket to a dance-off, which led to him losing the steak. "Steak Night"

Taco Leprechaun Guy

This taco vendor had dressed up as a leprechaun. "Blue Tater"


This doctor examined Alice and Bill. "Cricketsitter"

Female Receptionist

This receptionist worked at the Big City Hospital. "Cricketsitter"

Fictional Characters

Image Description Episode Appearances

Waffle judge

This waffle judge is what Tilly thought of when she imagined a food court - a literal one, anyways. "Photo Op"

Talking fish

This talking fish tells Bill that he needs to accept himself for who he is. "Fill Bill"


These animated characters originate from a successful media franchise. "Rated Cricket"

Female protagonist (Kiss of Death)

The main character in Kiss of Death. "Rated Cricket"

Unnamed skeleton (Kiss of Death)

A character from Kiss of Death. "Rated Cricket"

Tooth fairy

This tooth fairy appears in Tilly's hallucination. "Hurty Tooth"

Candy canes

These candy canes are characters in a Christmas special Bill watches. "Green Christmas"

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