This page is the list of people who are apart of the production staff of Big City Greens that produces episodes, characters and anything related to the show.

Note: Indicators are described by a number of asterisks:

-* Staff not assigned with any occupation role for the series.
-** means that the staff has left working for the series as well the company itself.

Names Occupatation
Chris Houghton Creator/Executive Producer/Voice Actor
Shane Houghton Creator/Executive Producer/Additional Voice Actor
Kassandra Heller Background Painter
Katie Aldworth** Storyboard Artist
Romney Caswell Art Director
Charlie Gavin Artist
Hannah Ayoubi* Writer*
Rob Renzetti Executive Producer
Megan Ann Boyd* TBA
H. Caldwell Tanner Storyboard Artist
David Gemmill Storyboard Artist
Julia Kaye Storyboard Artist
Kiana Khansmith Artist
Caroline Director Storyboard Artist
Ali Danesh* TBA
Carson Montgomery* TBA
Jennifer Keene* TBA
Kenny Byerly Writer
Aaron Austin* TBA
Jonathon Wallach* TBA
Amy Hudkins* Storyboard Artist
Ian Mutchler** Storyboard Artist
Ben Adams* Writer
Steve Lowtwait Background Designers
Val Petrone Series Coordinator
Tiffany Ford* ** Artist
Cheyenne Curtis* ** Storyboard Artist
Matt Braly** Storyboard Artist
Monica Ray* Writer/Director
Chris Pianka Storyboard Artist
Matthew Thiebes* TBA
Rebecca Schauer* TBA
Emily Warren Rice * Writer