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"Mama Bird"

Come on birdies. If you think Cricket is fun, wait until you hang out with Mama.

Tilly Green

Mama Bird is the 14th episode of Season 1 and the 14th episode of Big City Greens.


When Tilly finds a bird's nest, she cares for the eggs hoping the chicks will think she's their mama, but the birds imprint on Cricket instead. [1]


Cricket and Tilly head out into the backyard to dig holes when the latter spots a fallen nest with three eggs in them. Bill tells her to put the nest back as the baby birds will hatch and think that she is their mother. Tilly instead watches over them and Cricket comes out to watch with her.

Eventually the eggs hatch, but to Tilly's surprise, they look to Cricket as their mother and begin following him around. Tilly is obviously upset and attempts to keep the birds to herself (even going so far as to name them Michelle, Julie, and Barnaby) and pander and tend to them. Despite all her efforts, the birds refuse to listen or stay with her and instead want to hang out with Cricket who calls himself their "funcle".

Tilly tries singing to the birds overnight to get them accustomed to her, but it does not work. Finally fed up with the birds' inability to return her love, Tilly heads over to Big Coffee and drowns her sorrows in a full cup of creamery, much to Gloria's confusion. Meanwhile, Cricket has difficulty raising the birds on his own and is horrified that he is "turning into his father". Wanting to get rid of them, Cricket tries to teach them to fly early, but they fall, land on a mattress (which Cricket had laid as a safety precaution), and land in a trash can where the garbage men just so happen to be taking out the trash.

Cricket, while caught on the house's roof, calls for Tilly to come and help and she chases the garbage truck with a skateboard. Tilly dodges and weaves through traffic before finally finding the garbage truck. The garbage men activate the compactors and Tilly jumps in to get the baby birds. When she cannot find the third bird, she begins singing her song resulting in the last bird finally singing back and they all escape the compactor.

Tilly and Cricket make up and decide that the birds need their real mother. They return the baby birds to the backyard just in time to see the mama bird show up. This results in Tilly uttering, "can't wait til our mom comes back." Cricket concurs and they head back inside the house.


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Titles in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Mamá Pájaro Mommy bird
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Mamãe Pássaro Mama Bird
Japan Japanese ママ
Mama Tori
Mama Bird
Vietnam Vietnamese Chim Mẹ Mother’s bird



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