Mark is a character of Big City Greens (series), who first appeared on Skunked.



He's about at least 5'9", who's mostly slim and slightly well-built, has pale green skin with dark teal blue hair.


He wears a light red t-shirt consisting with white edges, a navy blue jeans with a dark brown belt with a medium sliver buckle, has a black and white watch on the right wrist and a dark brown boots.


He's generally considered as a nice person, or a good samaritan, mostly well-known to Big City, who mostly known for rescuing a person or an animal who is mostly in danger, he rescued Cricket when he was in the middle of the street, attempted to rescue as a small mere cockroach that was lying upside-down, but after Cricket accidently smashed it, Mark tried to attempt to do CPR on it, without noticing that the insect is dead after been smashed by Cricket, so it's pretty much that he isn't that closely aware on small details on whether certain things that can or can't be saved, he mostly doesn't usually accept rewards after doing good deeds, like when Gloria gave him a muffin as for returing the soda can that he found.



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