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Metrona Green is a character of Big City Greens. She only appeared in "Family Legacy".



Metrona shares her physical appearance with Tilly Green. She has medium-length black hair, freckles on both sides of her cheek, and has pale yellow skin. Her eyes are oval-shaped, and she also has a bucktooth that is always visible, even with her mouth closed.


She wears a pilot suit: a brown vest, brown cap with goggles, and light brown pants.


Following on from Jerome and Bixby Green's story, Gramma, after finding some hints, decided to tell the story of Archibald and his daughter Metrona Green.

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The cropduster that bulls-eyed the aphids.

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The farm, saved once again.

Her story is similar to Bixby's: while running the farm, an aphid storm threatened to kill the crops. However, Metrona has something up her sleeve: a biplane crop-duster filled with ladybugs. Releasing the ladybugs above the farm, they ate up the aphids that threatened the farm, saving it once again. ("Family Legacy")

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