Mr. Grigorian is a minor character of Big City Greens who first appeared in the episode "Forbidden Feline". He is the owner of a cat named Anoush, whom Tilly Green is infatuated with. He is an elderly Armenian man who is arch enemies with Alice Green, and therefore both forbid Tilly and Anoush from hanging out with each other.


Mr. Grigorian is an elderly man who is grey-skinned and has purple, slicked hair. He wears a red sweatervest with a grey t-shirt and green tie layered below it.

Cricket refers to him as a "dracula".


In his first and most prominent depiction in "Forbidden Feline", Mr. Grigorian is mean, grouchly, and a bit of a recluse, who seems miserable, and doesn't take kindly to anyone. He is lonely and depressed, since most of his relatives or friends may had either departed from him or currently dead from over the years and since his wife passed away several years ago, and having Anoush, a cat who's the only one left that he can accompany him.

However, when Tilly started seeing Anoush and seeing her sadness when he disallowed her from seeing his cat, Mr. Grigorian had a change of heart and allowed her to see Anoush.



All in the family
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  • In the closed-captions for "Forbidden Feline", Mr. Grigorian's name was spelt as "Mr. Gregorian".
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