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Mr. Whistler is a minor character in Big City Greens, and the father of Chip Whistler. He is the former CEO of Wholesome Foods, who retired in "Reckoning Ball".



Mr. Whistler first (and so far, only) appeared in "Reckoning Ball" following Chip's latest failed attempt to run the Greens out of town. He angrily confronts his son that his attitude toward the family which caused Wholesome Foods to lose business has upset him, and considers firing him to which he detests. To prove he can take the chair once his retirement comes soon, he issues Chip a contract of forgiveness, which the Greens must sign to prove he's forgiven for his deeds.

Once Chip has successfully gotten the Greens to forgive him and sign the contract, Mr. Whistler is also convinced, and he holds his retirement ceremony and hands it over to Chip. He then promises his son to make him proud before leaving.

Mr. Whistler didn't know, however, when it seems Chip managed to gain the Green's trust and make amends, he was really deceiving them; once Mr. Whistler is out of sight, Chip reveals his true nature to run the Greens out of town now that he has full control of the company, thus defying his father's words.

It is unknown how Mr. Whistler will react when he realizes his son's treachery.


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