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Nancy Green is a main character of Big City Greens. She is the mother of Cricket and Tilly Green and the ex-wife of Bill Green who got out of jail. She makes her first appearance in "Phoenix Rises", followed by an official debut in "Uncaged".



Nancy is a yellow-skinned woman with red hair, pink lipstick and freckles on both sides of her cheek (which her daughter inherited).


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Nancy's biker attire consists of a black vest on top of her regular attire. She may or may not wear a helmet.

Nancy's regular attire consists of a purple tank top and blue jeans, along with a brown belt.


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Bill Green

Not much is known, but when she returned in Phoenix Rises, Bill was happy to see her and playfully said "Well, look who finally got out of jail", indicating no resentment. In Uncaged, it revealed that they are divorced. However, in the same episode, he let Nancy take the kids to hang out with her. Throughout the episode, he had been having difficulties putting Nancy in charge of the kids. He decided to go check on all three of them and found they had gotten into trouble when Cricket and Tilly released all of the animals from the zoo, causing chaos. When Bill and Alice arrived at the zoo and saw the police, Bill gave Nancy a thumbs up, seeming to indicate that she handled the situation well and that he trusts her. In Harvest Dinner Bill tells Nancy that despite their differences she'll always be apart of the Green family.

Cricket Green

Cricket seems fond of his mother. In Mama Bird, he agreed with Tilly that he couldn't wait until she came back. In the short Hog Ride, Cricket was riding a pig, presumably in an attempt to imitate his mother. When she returned in Phoenix Rises, he was happy to see her and called her the coolest mom.

Tilly Green

In Mama Bird, Tilly said she couldn't wait for her mom to come back. In the short Hog Ride, she rode a sheep like a motorcycle, imitating her mother. When Nancy returned in Phoenix Rises, Tilly and Cricket were happy to see her.

Alice Green

It is unknown what is the nature of their relationship, but Alice looked unsure when Nancy came back in "Phoenix Rises". In Uncaged, she displayed a rather cold distrust towards her, unhappy that her son married a lawbreaker.


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  • In Cricket Versus, it's revealed that in between her & Bill's Wedding and Honeymoon, she wrestled a Wolverine.
  • She shares the name of an American Model who is a storyteller, cook, activist, and the first of several African-American models hired to promote a corporate trademark as "Aunt Jemima".
  • She is one of few Green family members without a short i sound in her name, along with Metrona, Jerome, Archibald, Marjorie, Cynthia and Herbert.
  • She was the only nuclear Green family member who didn't get banned from Sea Fusïon (shown in "Fill Bill"), possibly because she was still in jail during that time.
  • She is the only member of the Greens who has yet to encounter Chip Whistler and meet Gloria and Andromeda.
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