Officer Keys is a supporting character of Big City Greens. He is Big City's optimistic and friendly neighborhood police officer. He first appeared in Cricket Versus.

Description And Attire

He is tall, has purple skin, has a mustache and a buzz cut, He mostly wears a police uniform.


He mostly harbors a cheerful personality who always appreciates his job and law that he must abide by, and to assure that he is keeping Big City safe under some circumstances, however at times, he does a serious side as whenever he goes into some depth on explaining as the red background will appear around before reverting to his normal happy character, although in some episodes, he try to give others chance if they don't take too long to not allow him in the premises before he loses patience.

Serious side

Although Keys is normally a goofball or slacker in most of his appearances, there are times where he actually does his job or gets serious or otherwise, tough.

  • In "Gramma's License", he finds Alice's driver's license expired and sentences her to be recertified.
  • In "Uncaged", he threatens to send Nancy back to jail if he catches her breaking a law again.
  • In "Green Streets", he takes Cricket's idea of getting tough too far, and turns against him upon learning Cricket himself was the litterbug running amok.
  • In "Reckoning Ball", he steps right in front of the Greens as they are threatened by Chip Whistler's wrecking ball, threatening to arrest him for attempting murder.
  • In "Heat Beaters", he rescues Cricket and Remy from the heatwave before they die from a heatstroke.


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Season 2


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