Phoenix is a supporting character of Big City Greens. She is the Green Family's pet dog.


Young Cricket recieves Phoenix

Young Cricket gets Phoenix as a gift from Nancy.

One summer night, the Green family's barn burnt to the ground, and in the ashes laid a black puppy. After Nancy Green washed the puppy, it was revealed that it was red. Nancy named the puppy Phoenix and given her to Cricket Green as his first pet. Both Phoenix and Cricket grew up together, bonding with each other as they did. ("Phoenix Rises")

Prior to the Greens' move to Big City, Phoenix was taken in by Gramma at some point since she was not seen moving there with the family.

Eventually Phoenix was unappreciated by Cricket one day since he was more focused on playing with Remy. During this, Phoenix catches an unknown scent and runs away from the Green house, disappearing throughout Big City prompting the Greens to search for her. She ends up outside Ruff Customers, where the scent is revealed to be Nancy who has recently been released from prison, and is excited to find her. She is given a ride back home where she reunites with Cricket, who promises never to leave her out again.


She sports a dark reddish orange fur that appears rather scruffy looking.


Cricket Green

As his first pet Cricket loves Phoenix and becomes worried if something happens to her. This is shown in "Phoenix Rises" as he is distressed over her disappearance, going as far as to cry when he and his family fails to find her. However, he is overjoyed when Phoenix returns, having brought Nancy Green with her.

In the same episode, Cricket has also mentioned that Phoenix is his best friend.


  • The name "Phoenix" comes from a mythical bird in Greek and Roman folklore, known for shedding its wings and regenerating itself and otherwise being reborn.
    • "Phoenix" is also the capital city of Arizona.
  • Phoenix and Dirtbag are the only animals who didn't turn into zombies in "Blood Moon".
  • She is as old as Cricket, making her 10 years old. ("Phoenix Rises")
    • In real life, a dog's average lifespan is about 10-13 years or more.
  • She was strangely not seen during the move to Big City despite going to live there with Alice, suggesting Alice took her with her some time before the series began.
  • Phoenix's eyes are yellow, but when she was a puppy and adolescent they were white.
  • She can talk to other dogs as shown in "Cricket's Shoes".
  • "Phoenix Rises" reveals she has a psychic link with Cricket, so he can tell when she's nearby.
  • She talks in "Animal Farm".


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