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"Photo Op"

No, hear me out. Time moves so fast, and…we're gettin' all older. I mean, just look how happy all of these families are. Precious moments, preserved for all time. I want that for us.

Bill Green

Photo Op is the 11th episode of Season 1 and the 11th episode of Big City Greens. However, it is the 15th episode in chronological order.


Bill promises his family a trip to the mall food court, but when he reveals it was just a trick to get them to a family portrait studio, Cricket and Gramma try to escape.[1]


At the Big City Mall, Cricket is excitedly running up the down escalator, much to Bill's confusion. This is because Cricket is excited to go to the mall food court. His plans for the day is to eat a lot of food alongside Gramma; Tilly imagines being in a literal food court. Bill builds up Cricket, Tilly and Gramma's excitement, exclaiming they're getting closer to the food court, but they end up at a photo studio, Photorific!. Bill reveals he pulled a trick on them.

Inside the photo studio, Cricket, Gramma and Tilly are all dressed up. It is revealed Bill isn't taking them to the food court, as he has enough money only to get a photo taken. Cricket, Tilly and Gramma all vote to go to the food court, but it is dismissed. Bill's rationale behind this is that he is inspired by the precious moments he has seen, and that it's the Greens' turn to have one. While he was explaining, however, Cricket and Gramma has run out the studio with Bill's wallet, leaving Tilly by herself. Bill runs off to get Cricket and Gramma, telling Tilly she must stay at the studio; however, she too leaves the studio, uttering a "surprise".

Cricket and Gramma has found a map of the mall, and are now going to the food court, but Bill is fast gaining on them. However, they are able to lose him by entering a row of kiosks distracting him with offers. Meanwhile, Tilly is visiting a shoe store, where she plans to buy a lot of shoes, though she can't as she's a kid and has no money. With a "surprise", she leaves once again. Now Bill's search leads him to a clothes shop; meanwhile, Tilly spots a freight service that chugs kids back to a daycare. After Tilly tricks the conductor into thinking he's won the lottery, Tilly takes control of the train with another "surprise".

Inside the clothes shop, Bill only runs into Benny and an employee, who says he's seen them earlier, but isn't willing to spill the exact location. However, Cricket and Gramma celebrate rather loudly, grabbing Bill's attention. As Bill tries to take them back to the photo studio, Cricket calls him out, saying this event will traumatize him, because he - his own father - lied to him and didn't take him to the food court which he always wanted to go to. Gramma bites Bill's arm, giving Cricket a window to escape, while Gramma is thrown to a comfy mattress, comfy enough to lull her to sleep.

As Cricket runs to the food court, he runs into Tilly, who is driving the small train; Cricket gets on. Meanwhile, Bill decides to take a shortcut; he grabs onto a flag rope and uses it to swing above them. Seeing this, Cricket is expecting Tilly to floor the gas pedal, but the train only goes one speed. Now inches away from arriving at the food court, Bill swings right in front of them, halting them. He takes them and Gramma back to the photo studio for the picture, and that's that, as Cricket cries out in sadness.

Cricket, Tilly, Bill and Gramma are now taking pictures, but Cricket, Tilly and Gramma are noticeably sad. While overlooking one of the photos with the employee, he initially wants to alter the picture so everyone is smiling. But before Bill could pay for the photo, he sees how sad his family is, realizing they should get what they deserve, and ultimately ends up taking the others to the food court like they asked for. Now that the others are happy, Bill realizes it's best to see someone happy rather than make them happy himself, but he still wants a picture; seeing this, Tilly tricks an employee into refunding the drink, uttering another "surprise". Now that they have enough money, they take a perfect family picture in a small photo booth.


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Additional voices: Keith Ferguson, Shane Houghton, Phil Lamarr

Titles in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Dia da Foto Photo Day
France French La photo de famille The family photo
Japan Japanese 家族写真
Kazoku Shashin
The Family Picture
Portugal Portuguese Sessão Fotográfica Photo Op
Romania Romanian Ședință foto Photo Shoot
Vietnam Vietnamese Cơ Hội Chụp Ảnh Photo Opportunity



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