"Photo Op"

Photo Op is the 11th episode of Big City Greens. However, it is the 15th episode in chronological order.


Bill promises his family a trip to the mall food court, but when he reveals it was just a trick to get them to a family portrait studio, Cricket and Gramma try to escape.[1]


The episode begins with Cricket climbing up the down escalator, with Bill telling him that there is a up escalator but Cricket didn't care as he was excited that the family was going to the mall to the food court, as he explained he going to eat a lot of food but Gramma replied that her body can take in a lot of food and can't wait to eat at the food court. Tilly then imagines the food court as a actual Court, as she is on trial for eating the food people, which she admit that she did eat them and began to eat the judge. As Bill is telling the family that they are almost close to the food court, getting their hopes up he stopped them and revealed that instead of the food court he's taking them to get a family photo.

The scene change to Cricket, Gramma and Tilly all dressed up as Bill said that they look adorable in their clothes. When Cricket and Gramma are wondering how long until they go to the food court, Bill also revealed that they never were going to the food court because he only has enough money for the photo session, which after Cricket, Gramma and Tilly voted to go to the food court instead, Bill respond that they have no vote on it Tilly couldn't believe that her father lied to them, he tries to tell her that this kind of lie is more of a surprise lie. Bill explain that he wanted to have a precious family photo because of how time moving fast for them and wants to preserve it. As Tilly said what her dad said was a beautiful speech, she revealed that Cricket and Gramma took Bill's wallet and run out of the Photoshop store in order to spend the money at the food court. Bill then told Tilly to stay at the shop while he goes get Cricket and Gramma back, which she promised but then, remembering what her dad said Tilly said, "surprise", and left the Photoshop.

Cricket and Gramma found a map of the mall in order to find the location of the food court. Having seen Bill chasing after them Cricket and Gramma both entered a role of kiosks and trapped bill with representatives who blocked Bill from getting his wallet back. Meanwhile Tilly is at a shoe store where she told the seller that she plans buy a lot of shoes only for her to say "surprise" and walked out of the store as she lies to him.

Meanwhile as Bill continued to look for Cricket and his mother, he found bits of crickets clothes leading to a clothington store and tries to find them. Back with Tilly she spotted a guy driving a small choo choo train as he plans to take little kids back to the daycare, but Tilly intervene and told him that his wife called and that they won the lottery, resulting of him quitting his job until Tilly said "Surprise" and hijacked the train. Back at the clothing store as bill is still searching for Cricket and his mother, he's talked to an employee and asked if he saw them, which he almost did but upon seeing them lied about their whereabouts. As Cricket and Gramma are relieved that bill lost them, he appeared and grabbed them and attempted to take them back to the photo shop, only for Cricket to escape and told him that this event will traumatize him for life because of his dad lies, which bill could not believe that Cricket doing all this just to go to the food court. Gramma then told Cricket to run as she bit bill, with Bill throwing her onto a comfy mattress.

When Cricket tells Gramma that they were supposed to go to the food court together, she replied that she's already there as the mattress was so soft that it gives her a temporarily relaxing feeling I she described the food court and it delicious meals and then fell asleep. As Cricket run out of the store to the food court, he bumped into Tilly who is driving the small train and taking the little kids to the food court. Seeing the kids driving to the food court, Bill did something drastic; grab on to a flag rope and swing across the top floor as he was planning to intercept the kids. Cricket then Tilly to make the train go, which she said she would only to say surprise as she revealed that she lied and that the train only has one speed. As Cricket and Tilly were so close to the food court, Bill stand in front of them and stopped the train and grabbed Cricket and Tilly as he want to take a family photo with them.

Later at the Photoshop as Bill, Cricket, Gramma and Tilly are taking a variety of photos, Bill notice that Everybody by him is sad, However the photo guy used in computer to Ulta the family faces so that the others are smiling. The Photo guy then asked Bill which photo he likes. Upon comparing the photo and his family Bill decided to do what is best; in which the next scene show them at the food court. As the family are enjoying the food, Bill still said he would like to have a precious family picture. Wanted to make him happy, Tilly approached the counter and lied to an employee saying that she found a hair in her drink and demanded a refund. Afterward she gave the money back to Bill who used the money to go to a photo booth and get the family to take a picture.


Additional voices: Keith Ferguson, Shane Houghton, Phil Lamarr

Titles in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese 家族写真
Kazoku Shashin
The Family Picture

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