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Oh, jeez, this is bad. If we can't get them vermin out of our house, we may not even have a house! We'll have to live in the garage. And that's where the raccoons live!!

Bill Green

Raccooned is the 16th episode of Season 1 and the 16th episode of Big City Greens.[1] However, it is the 8th episode in chronological order.


When Cricket and Bill accidentally disturb a nest of raccoons in the garage, they invade the house, and when trying to get them out, Cricket and Bill's constant bickering keeps ruining everything.[2]


With Gramma Alice having nightmares, Cricket and Bill head into the garage to look for her teddy bear. While Bill takes a methodological approach to finding it, Cricket is too excitable and ends up finding it first. They also encounter raccoons which Alice had tried to get rid of years ago only for them to be hiding out in the garage, "getting stronger". They scare the raccoons out of the garage, but they scamper into the house where they begin causing a ruckus.

Bill then decides to leave a trap using a cage and a cracker with peanut butter on it. The trap nearly works, but Cricket's impatience causes the raccoon to get away and he and Bill decide to compete with each other to capture the raccoons, with Tilly's help of course.

Bill tries setting up numerous, complicated traps while Cricket builds himself a lasso with a watering hose to trap the raccoons. Ultimately, both of their ideas continue to clash with one another. Tilly in the meantime, "becomes" one of them and tries to communicate with the raccoons by finding their weaknesses. The raccoons wake up Alice and she takes up arms to fend them off. During the commotion, a big raccoon gets simultaneously caught by Cricket and Bill and an argument breaks out. The raccoon screeches loud enough for the raccoons all over Big City to come to the house and they kick out the Green family. Cricket and Bill argue once again, but Alice stops them on account that their fighting got them nowhere and made everything worse.

Based on Tilly's idea at being more like the raccoons, Gramma convinces the family they need to work together as a team to get them out. Cricket and Bill decide to put their differences aside for the sake of it. The family break back into their home and proceed to effectively round up the raccoons in all their own unique ways. When Cricket and Bill compliment each other's work, the lead raccoon kidnaps Tilly and they use a special maneuver to capture the raccoon and save Tilly.

Cricket and Bill head to the park where they make up and proceed to free the raccoons. Unknown to them unfortunately, the raccoons move beyond the park and start rampaging throughout Big City causing massive damage. A lone raccoon then jump scares the screen.


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Titles in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) El ataque de los mapaches Raccoon attack
Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Guaxinados Raccooned
Spain Spanish Invasión de mapaches Raccoon invasion
Japan Japanese アライグマを
Araiguma o Oiharae
Drive the Raccoons Away
Portugal Portuguese Encurralados Trapped
Turkey Turkish Rakun İstilası Raccoon Invasion
Vietnam Vietnamese Gấu Mèo Vào Nhà Raccoon enter the house


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