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Raccooned is the 16th episode of Big City Greens.[1]


When Cricket and Bill accidentally disturb a nest of raccoons in the garage, they invade the house.[2]


Cricket and Bill go into the garage to look for Gramma's old teddy bear to calm her restless spirit. After a series of failed places, Cricket finds it on a shelf. As Bill tries to figure out a way to get it, Cricket tries to get it by climbing up a pile of garbage. But Bill doesn't want Cricket making a mess in the garage, and he tries to get it using a ladder. They both reach to top and get the teddy bear, and once they notice, they start fighting over it, which makes them lose their balance. Bill asks Cricket if he's okay, then realizes he's holding a raccoon. Cricket notices a couple of other raccoons as well and thinks they're cute, but Bill assures him that raccoons are "awful, vile creatures". But Cricket doesn't believe that, until a raccoon threatens to scratch him. He then gets the raccoons off himself, as does Bill. Bill thought Gramma took care of them years ago, but it turns out they've been in the garage all along, getting stronger, and waiting to exact their revenge on the Greens. Bill and Cricket stand up to assure their dominance, which scares the raccoons out of the garage, but they invade their house.

Bill and Cricket realize that if they can't get the raccoons out of their house, they may not even have a house; they'll have to live in the garage, where the raccoons live! Cricket tries to scare them out of the house, but they go deeper into the house. Bill comes up with a plan to lure the raccoons into a trap using a peanut butter cracker as bait. They then hide around the corner, waiting for a raccoon to come. When a raccoon does come, he only comes on top of the trap and sticks his hand in the cage to grab a pile of peanut butter. Bill assures Cricket that the raccoon will go inside, and that he just has to be patient. But Cricket refuses to be patient and runs over to the trap, but Bill grabs his pants, which lands Cricket in front of the trap, scaring the raccoon away. Bill tells Cricket that the trap was gonna work, but he got in his way. Cricket disagrees and tells Bill he got in his way. They then notice that Tilly got in the trap and ate the rest. Cricket tells Bill that he'll just have to handle this himself, to which Bill agrees, saying that he'd do better on his own. Tilly asks if she can help, and Bill and Cricket say yes.

Cricket uses a hose as a lasso to try and catch the raccoons, Bill sets up a better raccoon trap, and Tilly disguises herself as a raccoon. As Cricket tries to lasso a raccoon, he accidentally ends up in one of Bill's traps. Tilly asks a raccoon what his weaknesses are, and tells him that he can just write them down if he's shy. As Bill and Cricket chase a raccoon, they notice it's gone into Gramma's room, and is with her in bed. Cricket tries saving Gramma, but ends up tying the raccoon to her head, thus scaring her up and out of bed. Gramma angrily asks Bill and Cricket which one of them let raccoons into her house, and Bill and Cricket point to each other. Gramma gets out her sword and tries to handle the situation herself. A raccoon goes into Bill's trap, but Cricket lassos him, and the two argue who trapped him. Tilly tells a raccoon about how crazy humans are. As Bill and Cricket continue arguing, the trapped raccoon summons the rest of his clan, which surround the Greens. The other raccoons free the trapped raccoon, and they exact their revenge on the Greens by scaring them out of their house and claiming it as their own.

Cricket blames Bill for having the raccoons kick them out, and the two start arguing about whose fault it was, until Gramma assures them it's both their faults, and that their arguing is getting them nowhere. Tilly says they should be more like the raccoons; since she lived amongst them, she learned how organized they are. When they work together, they can accomplish "truly amazing things". Gramma agrees, and says that they must work together as a team. Tilly says they need to combine Gramma's experience, her overwhelming physical strength, Cricket's assertiveness, and Bill's patience, to which the latter two reluctantly agree.

The Greens gather some supplies from the garage, and they barge back in the house to fight all the raccoons to get their home back. Cricket chases some raccoons into one of Bill's traps. When Cricket and Bill see this, they both say, "Wow, I did it!" Tilly traps a raccoon in a trash can with Gramma's help. Soon they trap most of the raccoons, and Bill and Cricket reluctantly admit they did it together. Tilly points out that they missed one -- the one who summoned the rest of his clan. He becomes infatuated with Tilly's disguise and wants to marry her. Gramma stops him from getting out the door, but he heads for a hole in the wall. Bill and Cricket both realize that they have to work together to stop the raccoon and save Tilly. Bill uses the hose lasso to launch Cricket towards the raccoon, and Cricket successfully traps in one of Bill's cages. Bill gives Cricket a thumbs up.

In the forest, Cricket and Bill admit they make a pretty good team, and suggest that the reason they argue so much is because they both think they know best. They release the raccoons back into the wild. However, the raccoons end up terrorizing the city.


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