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This article describes the history of Remy Remington, the son of the Remington family and the best friend of Cricket Green.

Early life

Rashida and Russell cooing at Remy

Baby Remy with his parents.

Remy Remington was born sometime around the year 2010, to Russell and Rashida Remington. Seconds after he was born, he was impossibly shown to be able to speak and have physical strength, as newborns typically don’t have both traits. This is probably a joke. (“Football Camp”)

Present life

Season 1


On his way to violin lessons.

Remy was just going to his violin lessons when he came across country kids Cricket and Tilly Green, who asked him to help with their quest to launch a chicken into space. Declaring “Violin lessons be darned!”, he went ahead and helped the two, befriending them along the way (and accidentally detaching Gramma Alice’s fake foot) (“Space Chicken”)

Little did Cricket know that Remy’s incursions to the Greens caused his parents to grow angrier with him; one day, while playing with the Green kids, his mother, expecting him to be at violin class, contacted him. Despite Remy’s protests, Cricket answers the phone, only to be greeted by Remy’s angry parents, who send his bodyguard Vasquez over to pick him up.

Cricket and Tilly manage to get into the mansion, to find a distressed Remy. Recognizing his best friend is in trouble, Cricket tries to encourage him to speak up to his parents, to no avail; the situation is worsened by the physical arrival of Remy’s parents, who is to take him away to a boarding school outside Big City.

Just as the helicopter is about to take off, Remy’s parents order its pilot to shake Cricket off; throughout this, Remy starts to break, and confesses that he doesn’t want to go to his lessons. (“Remy Rescue”) Ever since then, Remy continues to join Cricket and Tilly in most of their (mis)adventures.

When Remy witnesses the Greens’ vacuum cleaner breaking down, he asks Bill who he would call for such a situation; Bill tells him he is a "DIY guy" as he does things himself. Remy is unaware of its actual meaning, as he does it through phone, so Bill takes him to Overhaüls, a hardware store, to show him the ways of DIY.

Being a typical Green family outing, however, everything goes wrong, as Cricket manages to hijack a forklift and knocks over shelves. This is where Remy tells Bill that DIY guys do need help every once in a while. (“DIY Guys”)

Season 2

When Remy started to watch a series of videos made by video creator Itchaboi, he started to idolize him. For example, he started to say Itchaboi's catchphrase, "Flaunt yo stacks!", and he began to purchase Itchaboi's very expensive merchandise. However, this causes him to become obnoxious and unforgiving, to the point of calling Cricket, who immediately saw through Ichaboi's ruse, a "hater". This comes to a head when Cricket shows up on the Itchaboat, disallowing Remy to pay the million-dollar entrance fee; they begin to fight, but Cricket tells Remy he should do whatever makes him happy. This makes Remy happy, but Itchaboi isn't happy. ("Bad Influencer")

Eventually, Remy attended the annual Lil' Bengals Football Camp to impress Russell and keep his football memories alive, with Cricket accompanying him. But when all his tries fail, he admits he's only good at football if it's a video game, which sets off a showdown between him and Russell on Football Destroyer '19. Just when Russell is about to lose, Remy gets a dream of the moment he impossibly called him out as a baby, giving him his confidence back, and beats him. Russell then reveals Remy doesn't just have to play football to impress him, as there are other ways, and he's the one thing that makes him happy. ("Football Camp")

Soon came the big moment in life that decides Remy's future: his audition for the Big City Youth Metropolitan Orchestra. Unfortunately, he only practiced the first sheet, and there was a lot more beyond, and he is unprepared by the night of the audition. Remy soon begins to freak out about his future, worried he'll end up in the gutter, and Cricket soon worries if it will happen to him as well. When it was time to audition, Remy started off well, but then he improvised and did a rather humorous off-key based piece. He then runs out, thinking his dreams are ruined, but to his surprise, the maestro reveals he passed the audition and got the third seat. Remy then tells Cricket and Vasquez he's fine with that position, and he won't worry about the future ever again. ("Time Crisis")

For his tenth birthday, Remy is celebrating at Snuggly Pete's House of Pizza with his friends and family. However, Cricket is focusing on trying to collect 10,000 tickets to obtain a grandiose prize, while Remy wants to spend time with him. However, Cricket is more focused on the tickets than his friend, and this comes to a head when he inadvertantly ruins Remy's cake; seeing him depressed on his special day, Cricket invites him to have fun. ("Present Tense")

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