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Rough Draft Korea (or simply Rough Draft) is a Korean-American animation studio based in South Korea that animates many cartoon shows, a few on Disney Channel, mainly Seasons 2-4 of Star vs the Forces Of Evil, and is one of the animation studios in Big City Greens alongside with Sugarcube.

The studio also works with Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and other channels to animate other shows.

Episodes Animated By Rough Draft Korea

Season 1

Season 2


Differences compared to Sugarcube-animated episodes

  • In some scenes, Cricket and Tilly's bodies are taller and fatter, and their arms tend to get unusually long.


  • Curiously, Chip Whistler, Andromeda and Gabriella have yet to appear in any episodes animated by Rough Draft Korea.
  • Something common with RDK's animation is Cricket and Tilly's bodies sometimes appearing taller and fatter.

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