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Season 2 is the second season of Big City Greens. It premiered on November 16th, 2019 after an eight month hiatus.[1]


On May 18th, 2018, the series was renewed for a second season ahead of its season 1 premiere. [2]

This season features a musical Christmas special and a CGI-themed episode ("Green Christmas" and "Level Up" respectively). In addition to themed episodes, the season focuses on other characters rather than just the main characters (Green family). A few characters who appeared in the previous season appear in this season, including new characters like Gwendolyn Zapp.[3]

Season 2 is also the point which officially sets Chip Whistler up as the main antagonist of the show, in which the Greens help Chip get the position of CEO of Wholesome Foods and take over for his retiring father. However, they soon realize he tricked them into accepting his apology that he's sorry for their actions so that he can run them out of town with all the power he has; at the end of the second half, Chip takes over Big Coffee and plots an expansion plan which will be right where the Greens' house currently stands, and the family must defeat him once and for all.

Like the first season, the second comprises of 30 half-hours.


Production on Season 2 began on August 1, 2019.

According to Shane Houghton, this season will have additional 30 half hour episodes similar to the first season[4], bringing over 60 episodes from both of the series' seasons, while 120 11 minute segments in total.

On April 26th, the show was featured during the Fan Fest 2019, with the creators showing storyboard animations of upcoming episodes, including a beach-themed episode ("Shark Objects"), which was mentioned to premiere sometime in the fall of 2019.

The voice actor, Marieve Herington, was interviewing and mentioned that season 2 will get more "wackier and wackier", plus mentioned that Tilly and Bill will create a video, similar to that of YouTube ("Bad Influencer"), and also have a night talk show. (would be Miss Tilly's Fun Time TV Minute) [5]

On August 24th, during D23 2019, Shane added that this season will feature a musical Christmas special, containing 6 songs associated with the theme. This episode would turn out to be "Green Christmas".

Season 2 will feature more of the same as the first season, whilst adding new guest stars, more shorts, promo, and newer content. [6]

Guest stars for season two include NBA All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns, Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2), Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley), Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Jameela Jamil (The Good Place), Lucy Lawless (Xena the Warrior Princess), Jim O'Heir (Parks and Recreation), Ed Begley Jr. (Arrested Development), Cheri Oteri (Saturday Night Live), Candace Kozak (Disney Channel's Just Roll With It), Jason Maybaum (Disney Channel's Raven's Home) and YouTube sensation SungWon Cho, with "Cheap Show" featuring Tom Hanks (Toy Story) playing himself. The second season includes a holiday musical featuring seven original songs and a video game-themed episode with CG animation.

Halfway into production, the cast went on hiatus for four months, mainly due to the coronavirus (colloquially COVID-19) pandemic, forcing most of the staff to work on the production restrictively at home. The voice actors recorded all their dialogue from their bedroom closets.

The season finished production on July 8, 2020.[7]


In addition, "Broken Karaoke," a new animated short-form series that spotlights favorite Disney Channel characters singing parodies of popular songs, launched on Disney Channel YouTube with the first short, "Queen of Nice," featuring Tilly Green singing a parody of viral sensation "Queen of Mean" from the global hit Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants 3.

In addition, new "Random Rings" shorts, featuring Cricket and Tilly Green calling unsuspecting real-world people, continued to premiere every Sunday through Oct. 27 on Disney Channel and Disney Channel YouTube.[8]

During this season's run, the short Big City Greens: Road Trip premiered on Disney Channel and its YouTube channel.

A new standalone short series, Shortsgiving, will premiere November 2020.

Season Overview


US/International Airdates

  • United States: November 16th, 2019 [9]
  • Europe: 2019-2020
  • Latin America: December 8, 2019
  • Australia/New Zealand: 2019-2020
  • Canada: November 2019
  • United Kingdom: December 2019
  • Asia/Southeast Asia: December 6, 2019 (Sneak preview); May 11, 2020 (Official)
  • Latin America: December 8, 2019 (Sneak preview); February 3, 2020 (Official)
  • Spain: February 3, 2020
  • France: March 16, 2020
  • Japan: May 9, 2020
  • India: 2020
  • Middle East/North Africa: 2020
  • Africa: 2019


  • The theme song does not change this season.
  • This is the first season with no episode premieres in March.
  • The season took a four month hiatus from February to July due to COVID-19.
    • This was also part of Disney Channel's new binge-watching strategy where the crew has to finish producing about 10 episodes instead of one to three at a time, and release them all at once.
    • During said hiatus, in May, Disney Channel broadcast marathons of all aired episodes every night in May, along with new Random Rings shorts and the premiere of the new short series, Miss Tilly's Fun Time TV Minute.
  • For the first time, an episode this season focuses on a villain and ends on a huge cliffhanger.
  • This is the first season to not have previews of later episodes for Disney Channel FanFest (having gotten cancelled due to COVID-19).
  • Chip Whistler, Andromeda, Rashida Remington, Russell Remington and Gabriella Espinosa do not appear on the poster.
  • Brett and Mr. Grigorian are seen on the poster, but have not appeared in the season to date.
  • This season will have a special Thanksgiving episode titled “Shortsgiving”
  • No clips from "Chipwrecked" were shown throughout the September episodes promo, possibly to avoid any spoilers and to build up hype for the dark nature of the episode.
    • The same promo featured Bill in an unknown episode saying "Wow, two for two."




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