Sing My Song is the fifth and final song from "Okay Karaoke". It is sung by Tilly.


After Tilly Green spends all night trying to decide what song she should sing, she finally gets on stage and makes up this song on the spot.


I am Tilly Green
And I thought there was no song for me
Kept lookin' for somethin' pre-written
A mold that I could fit in
But in all the tunes that I perused
Nothin' felt Tilly true
I didn't think I was such a puzzle,
All I wanted was something playful...
With just a hint of trouble...

So if you feel you're wrong and don't belong
Just do your own thing and say "So long"
Yeah, that's what I'm doin' when I sing this song
Yeah, it feels so good to sing my song

If you're a fish out of water
Maybe gotta dig your own lake
If you can't find the right color
You just gotta mix your own paint
Doesn't matter if you're different
So long as what you do is right for you
Your uniqueness is a treasure
Sharing differences brings us together

Tilly and entire cast:
If you feel you're wrong and don't belong
Just do your own thing and say "So long"
Yeah, that's what I'm doin' as I make up this song
Yeah, it feels so good...
To sing...

To Tilly's song.


  • Chris and Shane said this song takes inspiration from "The Rainbow Connection" from The Muppet Movie and "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" by Mama Class Elliot.[1]


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