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  • Moral: Dinners aren't about the food, it's about the family you spend it with.
  • This episode alongside with Space Chicken, was released on the DisneyNOW app on June 8th, 10 days before its initial channel release.
  • The shot of Tilly about to eat pizza with a rat on her head before Bill takes it was used in various episode promos for the show since 2019.
  • The scene where Cricket fights the bomb squad robot is used in flashback to Cricket's naughty deeds in "Green Christmas".
  • Wholesome Foods appears differently than how it appears in "Supermarket Scandal" and onward.
  • This marks the debut of Wholesome Foods, as well as the first time it appears without Chip Whistler as he hasn't appeared yet.

Episode Notes

In other languages

  • In Spanish, this episode is called "Noche de filetes" (Steak Night).
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