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"Suite Retreat"

Ever since you moved in, I haven't had a lick of peace with all your shoutin', and messin', and bein' in my way!!

Alice Green

Suite Retreat is the 24th episode segment of Season 1 and the 24th episode of Big City Greens. However, it is the 22nd episode segment in chronological order.


Gramma kicks the family out of the house for the day, so they stay in a hotel for the first time. However, Gramma begins to miss their antics and tries to get them to come home.


Gramma Alice gets fed up with Bill, Cricket and Tilly constantly getting her way and messing with her peace in quiet. When Cricket mentions her needing a break from them, Alice is inspired and packs their belongings and tells them that she booked a room for them at the Comfy Suites hotel nearby where they live. The family is delighted by the prospect of a "staycation" and Alice kicks them out; scoffing at Bill suggesting that she contacts them if she needs anything from them.

Bill, Cricket and Tilly are amazed at the hotel and its numerous complimentary additives. As they make their stay as comfy as possible, Alice tries to adjust to her new situation and begins realizing that life without her family has made things slightly inconvenient. After having an "argument" with Saxon, Alice barges into the hotel and demands that they return home to clean up their messes. However, Bill puts his foot down and tells her that she should enjoy her quiet time just like she wanted. Alice sits sadly alone at home and decides to find a way to kick the family out of the hotel.

After conversing with the hotel manager, Alice decides to buy some rodents to infest the room. Due to the Vermin Emporium running out of rats, she is forced to buy hamsters instead and uses them to infest her family's hotel room. Logan, the assistant manager, arrives and sees the vermin and is furious, but when Tilly points out that they are hamsters and Bill asks for his money back, Logan decides to upgrade them to a better room and give them an extra night's stay. Alice gives herself away and the Greens ask why she is here. She finally admits that she misses them and that she just wanted them to come home. The family forgives her and ask that she join them for the night and the next, and she happily accepts.


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Additional voices

  • Shane Houghton as Contestant
  • Michael McCafferty as Logan
  • Kari Wahlgren as Female teller

Titles in other languages

Language Title Translation Notes
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Un merecido descanso A deserved rest
Spain Spanish Dulce descanso Sweet rest
Japan Japanese 1人になりたい
Hitori ni Naritai
I Want to Be Alone
Portugal Portuguese Retiro no Hotel Retreat in the Hotel
Vietnam Vietnamese Ra Khách Sạn Ở Out of the hotel

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