"Swimming Fool"

Swimming Fool is the 5th episode of Big City Greens.


When the Greens visit an indoor pool, Cricket is challenged to jump off the high dive.[2]


The Green family head to the Big City Community Center for the indoor swimming pool. Upon arriving each member of the family has their own goal: Cricket wants to try the high dive, Tilly decides to go "deep sea diving" to look for buried treasure, Bill wants to try the Jacuzzi and Gramma Alice wants to relax and soak her feet. Furthermore, she wants to avoid getting her hair wet as she just came back from the salon with a new hairdo and warns the family about ruining it for her. Cricket is confronted by a group of kids whose leader, Carlos, warns Cricket about the high dive by explaining about the legend of Pink Bellied Pat and his attempt at the feat, however Cricket seems unfazed by this.

Right away, things do not turn out well for the Greens. Cricket chickens out of the high dive and is ridiculed by his peers, Bill's pants get sucked out through the Jacuzzi's air vents and he is left nude; made even worse by the arrival of a very patient and happy family, Tilly finds her "treasure"; which is actually Bill's truck keys having ended up in the main pool; but her buoyancy prevents her from reaching the bottom and Gramma Alice is heckled by children who think she is trying to have fun with them. Cricket sulks until Bill explains to him that courage is not about not having any fear, but rather it is about being afraid and doing it anyway.

Gramma Alice uses her fake leg to scare everyone out of the pool and Cricket instead climbs up to the building's support structure where everyone stops and watches him. While everyone is distracted by Cricket, Bill uses his hat to cover himself and head into the locker room and Cricket lets go and he lands in the pool, causing a tidal wave that ruins Gramma's hair. Tilly, who is still trying to get the keys, gets knocked down further by Cricket and she is successful in retrieving her prize. Cricket is praised as a hero and Bill immediately gets the family so that they can return home and "burn his hat". A new kid arrives asking who Cricket Green is and Benny, one of Cricket's new friends, proceeds to explain "The Tale of Cricket Green".


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Additional voices: Hudson D'Andrea, Sam Lavagnino

Titles in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese プールで大騒
Pūru de Ōsawagi
A Big Uproar at the Pool

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