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Tea Party is the second short of Country Kids in the City that aired June 22, 2018.


Tilly plans a fun tea party, but can she throw a successful one without Cricket creating a mess?!



Gramma pushes Tilly and the statue apart "Ten feet apart, people!"
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  • Tilly: I'd like to thank everyone for joining me today for a very special tea-- (a baseball hits the plate of cookies, startling Madam Rouge, the hen)
  • Madam Rouge: (squawks; runs away in fear)
  • Tilly: Madam Rouge, come back!
  • Cricket: Till, you see a ball come through here? Wo-ho, you didn't tell me we're having a party. Can I come-- (gets his leg caught in a tea cup) oh, whoops, got my leg caught in a cup again. (shakes it to get it out and the cup hits Herbert, the pig)
  • Herbert: (squeals)
  • Cricket: Sorry, pig. Oh, hey, you got cookies. (scarfs them up but then gags) Ah, these have raisins. Old lady grapes. Gotta wash out this poison quick. (sips a tea cup) Ah, what is this? It's hot! It's burning my tongue (falls down on the floor like he's dead) Oh, you killed me, Tilly. (gets back up) Oh drat, forgot about that ball. Gotta borrow this cat, too. (picks up Dirtbag) Bye. (he walks offscreen to the left)
  • Tilly: Anyone need a refill?


  • Cricket: (laughs) Oh man, Tilly, that was so much fun!
  • Tilly: I agree, Cricket, that was mighty fine content!
  • Cricket: Content? What the heck are you talkin' about?
  • Tilly: Click the thumbnail to see another short.
  • Cricket: Click the what?
  • Tilly: Don't forget to like and subscribe.
  • Cricket: Who are you talkin' to?!
  • Tilly: The internet.
  • Cricket: (screams)



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