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Tilly Green is a main character of Big City Greens. At 12 years old, she is the firstborn and only daughter of Bill and Nancy Green and is Cricket's older sister who moved to the Big City alongside her family to live with her Gramma.



Tilly has medium-length black hair, freckles on both sides of her cheek, and like the other Greens, she also has yellow skin, though hers is slightly paler than the others. Her eyes are oval-shaped, the only Green to have that trait. She also has darker-colored sclarae, unusual to others. She has two buckteeth that is always visible, even with her mouth closed, and puffy cheeks. She has a visible slouch and is taller than Cricket.

As of "Tilly Style", she has her ears pierced (unknown if it's a permanent change as her ears are always hidden by her hair).


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She wears a light purple long dress that stops above her knees with a white collar and poofy sleeves. Tilly, unlike her brother, actually wears green shoes in the form of Mary Janes, along with white socks.

She bears a resemblance to her great great aunt Metrona Green. ("Family Legacy")


Tilly's salmon impression

Tilly imitating a salmon, showing her silly side.

Tilly is an oddball. While quiet at times, she is very imaginative, though very unusual and surreal, child. Despite being older than Cricket, she is much more sillier than him. Tilly is smarter than she looks; while others perceive her as unintelligent, she is quite wise.

This is as far as I go

On the surface, Tilly may seem silly, but she's quite a helpful person.

Tilly is very nice and friendly, and like her younger brother Cricket, will always lend a hand to anyone in need. This kind- and friendliness of her's can be interpreted as being pacifist, best seen in "Winner Winner" when she doesn't want to fight her opponent, despite Community Sue's insistence. This pacifism is also seen in "Feud Fight", where she tells Cricket that fighting is not the answer to problems, telling him to talk it out with Chip Whistler. However, "Big Deal" shows that she shows no remorse when fighting.

Screenshot (1539)

Tilly adoring the nest of eggs that would turn to baby birds.

Tilly is known for her love for animals, even those that aren't commonly seen as pets. She names all of the animals she comes across; for example, the horse she wrestled to pass the Green family's rite of passage is named "Fredrico". In "Steak Night", she befriends and commands a pack of rats in the subway, and in "Coffee Quest" she commands Melissa the goat and Marjorie the sheep on a bobsled to help Cricket and Gloria escape from Chip Whistler and his goons.

She is somewhat enthusiastic of her younger brother Cricket's actions; whatever he does interests her. She appears to be fearless of the danger that she may encounter from time to time.

Tilly brooding ominously

Tilly broods ominously over the death of Saxon.

Despite her cheerful and silly demeanor, when pushed enough, Tilly opts to show a darker and gloomier side of her; this is best shown in "Axin' Saxon" when she swears vengeance against Alice (it was actually Nancy) for breaking Saxon. She may also harness her anger to potentially inflict harm, though against her will ("Winner Winner" though "Big Deal" shows she does not regret fighting amongst the crowds)

Tilly is also rather controlling: throughout "Mama Bird" the girl, wanting to be their mom, attempts to woo the newly-hatched birds towards her (having favoured Cricket and ignoring Bill's warning). In "Cricketsitter" she decided to scare Cricket when convincing him did not do the trick (that made Cricket fall and break his left arm)

There are times where Tilly refers to herself in the third person; for example, in "Cricket Versus", one of her lines is "More for Tilly," in "Park Pandemonium", she told Alice that "There are a million grandmas, but only one Tilly,” and in "Level Up", as Bill goes inside, she says she'll stay outside, "Tilly bein' Tilly."

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Cricket Green

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When her younger brother is feeling down, Tilly's always got his back.

Tilly has a close but honest relationship with Cricket, as him being her solely younger brother, who has the aspects of watching over him, being in any of Cricket's misadventures and helping him if needed. They will always have each other's backs.

A notable difference between both of their personalities is that despite her status as the older sister, Tilly is sillier, and Cricket seems to be more of a straight man; the counter to Tilly's silliness. However, she can stoop to Cricket's level of mischievousness when playing with him.

While there were times when she has a hard time dealing with Cricket, especially if he intends to do things that may cause her to worry and get disappointed in him for causing of the trouble that could eventually cause her to lose Bill's trust in Tilly, she tries to be a good older sister to Cricket.

While they DO care for each other, they have bumped heads on occasion; a notable example in "Green Christmas" where her kind personality clashes with Cricket's mischievousness (which originated from not being on the nice list) which led to a big fight at the city Christmas tree. The fight was that bad the tree collapsed on a family who was ice skating at the time; the destruction caused the generally nice Tilly to be deemed naughty. Even Maria Media deemed Tilly to be the girl who ruined Christmas for the entire city.

However, when Cricket started to regret his actions when meeting the real Santa, he used his wish to request one thing: to put Tilly on the nice list, granting her a present: Cricket's deep-down love for Tilly. The girl is grateful towards her younger brother for his selflessness.

Gramma Alice

Tilly cares very deeply for her Gramma Alice, but unlike Cricket and Bill, is much more patient with her. As a matter of fact, she may like spending more time with her than the other Greens. In "Tilly Tour" Tilly takes Gramma on a tour around the Big City so that the latter will start to like it.

Bill Green

Tilly loves her father Bill very deeply, and in fact is more willing to listen to him than Cricket and cares for his well being. In "Cricketsitter" she tries her best to look after Cricket to show Bill that she is a good babysitter.

Nancy Green

Tilly loves her mother Nancy very deeply, and was very happy to see her again in "Uncaged". She feels that because she was away for such a long time that she would be worried about not being anything like her and wanted to impress her. However, she eventually learns that Nancy loves her regardless. In "Trailer Trouble" she and Cricket help Nancy get her trailer back and settle a feud between Nancy and the Stingers. In "Axin' Saxon", Nancy accidentally destroys Saxon, but Tilly forgives her mom for doing so.



Andromeda's debut

Tilly meets Andromeda.

Tilly first met Andromeda in "Gargoyle Gals", after surprising her in the bushes. In order to impress her new friend, Tilly thinks up a couple of conspiracies, including little men living under a rock, until she makes up a conspiracy that the gargoyles come alive at night. Andromeda wants to see this so she can take a picture, so Tilly makes up another lie that they come to life if you hit them with a "magic hammer".

However, Tilly regrets this when she realizes that she has put her new friend in danger, so she confesses that she made the whole thing up, and saves Andromeda. The next day, Tilly thinks their friendship might be over, until Andromeda sends her a letter saying that she's sorry she left her; there were too many witnesses, and to meet her in the park for a new lead: Officer Keys might be an alien disguised as a human! Thus reaffirming their friendship.

Tilly and Andromeda laughing telepathically

Tilly and Andromeda communicating... telepathically!

They continue to bond in "Sleepover Sisters", where they have a sleepover. Throughout the episode, they attempt to develop psychic powers. By the end of the episode, they fail to develop said powers, though Tilly admits they both had fun.

Throughout "Clubbed", they try to restore Gloria's memories (having deduced she is suffering amnesia because Gloria shunned them).

Remy Remington

Screenshot (2328)

Tilly and Remy get along with each other quite well.

Tilly and Remy get along quite well and seem to enjoy having each other around. Much like Cricket, Tilly pushes for him to be more rebellious and tough and take initiative with his life.

Kiki, Benny and Weezie

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Tilly is friends with the three, but is rarely seen with them, exceptions include "Cyberbullies" where she goes along with Cricket's plan, tagging the three along with her, to face the Cyber Knights with kites. Their teamwork sees the final drone disabled and the Cyber Knights driven back.

Gloria Sato

Big Coffee Tilly Gloria 'dont mess this up!'

Gloria confides in Tilly when the latter fills in for Cricket.

Tilly and Gloria get along quite well, and unlike Gloria's interactions towards Cricket prior to him getting a job, don't seem to mind each other's company. Tilly will fill in for Cricket on occasion and work at the cafe with Gloria ("Cricket's Shoes", "Paint Misbehavin'").

In "Coffee Quest", Tilly helps her and Cricket escape Chip Whistler and his goons by bringing a bobsled with Melissa the goat and Marjorie the sheep attached to it.

Mr. Grigorian

Mr. Grigorian no no no

Mr. Grigorian initially depised Tilly as he did her Gramma Alice; here, he disallows her from seeing Anoush.

Initially, due to his hate for her Gramma Alice, Mr. Grigorian's hate extended towards Tilly, being the granddaughter of Alice, especially when she started seeing his cat.

By the end of the episode, Tilly recognizes that Grigorian is all alone and Anoush was all he had, and apologizes for trying to take his Anoush away from him. In the end, Mr. Grigorian allows the girl to see Anoush, and is now on good terms with her (if only the same could be said for him and Alice). ("Forbidden Feline")



Tilly sleeping with Phoenix

Tilly sleeping with Phoenix

Tilly deeply cares for the family dog, Phoenix. In "Phoenix Rises", she is concerned after Phoenix disappears.

Michelle, Julie, and Barnaby

Screenshot (1559)

Tilly wants the baby birds to love her.

In "Mama Bird" Tilly is shown to adore the baby birds, though they seemed to cling to Cricket more. Demanding that the baby birds love her, she attempts to win them over, which failed; enraged, she gives them to Cricket. However, the moment Cricket gave the birds a leap of faith, they tumbled into a rubbish bin, and Tilly risked her life in a trash compactor to save the birds. After saving them, Tilly is happy that the birds now love her. She releases them into the wild in the hopes their real mother would return.


Screenshot (234)

Tilly likes to think that her goat Melissa is a dog, even entering her into a dog show to let her have a good time.

Melissa is Tilly's pet goat. According to Tilly's own unique perspective, Melissa has the spirit of a dog, so Tilly decided to enter her into a dog show. People at the dog show made fun of Tilly and Melissa, but Tilly didn't care; she only cared that Melissa was having a good time.

Unfortunately, Cricket destroyed their fun by releasing Phoenix's fleas all over the place to "save her from humiliation", not knowing that she didn't care that people were making fun of her and Melissa.

in "Coffee Quest", Tilly brings Melissa and Marjorie the sheep to aid Cricket and Gloria in their quest.


Screenshot (411)

Tilly and her sack doll, Saxon, who she uses as a toy in her tea parties.

Saxon is Tilly's homemade sack doll. Tilly made it in "Cricketsitter" as a product of Nancy's absence. Tilly plays with, and cares for, it. In "Axin' Saxon", Nancy, who was going to wash Saxon, witnesses it falling apart inside the wash. When Tilly finds out, she lashes out at Alice, mistakenly believing she was the perpetrator, until Nancy confesses. She then offers to fix Saxon.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Andrea Higa
Flag of Spain Spanish (Spain) Chelo Díaz


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  • In "Blue Tater", she doesn't believe that bad luck, nor curses, exist, as she explains that everyone has their own luck.
    • She also added that the reason that she beat Cricket in head-and-tails is because she glued two pennies with only the heads on both sides.
    • She calls it "[her] own luck", encouraging Cricket to make his own.
  • In "Cricketsitter", she tends to quietly pass out when she gets overwhelmed by the situation.
    • In the same episode, it is revealed that she also carries a sack bag that she named Saxon.
  • She likes to personify objects, like Henry the dummy.
  • She apparently sleeps during the day ("Space Chicken")
  • Tilly and Cricket are the only characters to appear in every episode of the series.
    • Tilly does not however appear in all of the shorts.
    • The "real" Tilly does not appear in "Time Crisis"; her alternate future counterpart appears in her place.
  • Tilly loves all animals, with the exception of the Patagonian Snake shown in "Cheap Snake".
  • She is the only Green whose hair is not colored in any way (she has black hair), alongside her counterpart Metrona Green.
    • Chris Houghton joked that her hair is black because she wears a wig. This was alluded to in "Dream Weaver" where she removed her hair in a dream sequence.
  • While her age is currently unknown (she's at least older than Cricket), Tilly mentions in "Tilly Style" that she's a preteen, which means she could be between the ages of 10-12.
  • Tilly is currently the only Green to undergo a permanent change (in "Tilly Style" she gets her ears pierced, though it's not seen due to her ears not being seen because of her hair.)
  • Inspirations for Tilly's character:
    • Her personality is very similar to Gravity Falls' Mabel Pines; one thing to note is both of their loves for animals (Mabel with Waddles, and Tilly with pretty much any kind of animal), and another is their cheerful and silly tendencies.
      • This trait of her's, alongside her pacifism, is also somewhat similar to Sid Chang from Nickelodeon's 2016 animated series The Loud House and its 2019 spin-off, The Casagrandes. Her animal-loving traits also mirror Lana Loud from The Loud House.
    • Her bucktooth looks somewhat identical to Ronnie Anne Santiago's from the aforementioned Nicktoon.
    • She bears a striking resemblance to Prudence from Cha Ching.
    • Her dress is heavily similar to Janey Powell from The Simpsons.
  • In the theme song and "Welcome Home", she and Cricket were shown sitting in the front seat of the Kludge; in America, children must be of age 8-12 or older to sit in the front seat of a car and must be at least 4'10 (1.2 meters) and in some states must weigh at least 100 lbs (45 kg).
  • Though hard to notice, Tilly's scleras are noticably grey, especially in close-up shots.
  • Unlike Cricket, who refers to his parents as "Dad" and "Mom", Tilly always refers to them as "Papa" and "Mama".
  • From “Tilly Style” and onward, Tilly has her ears pierced.
  • Tilly’s name comes from Platycodon grandiflora, 'Miss Tilly' plants. Her dress is also purple, just like the flower.
  • Tilly is currently the only nuclear Green member other than Nancy who has yet to speak to Chip Whistler.
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