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—Tilly Green, Cricket Versus

Tilly Green is a main character of Big City Greens. As Cricket's older sister, she is the first born and only daughter of Bill and Nancy Green who moved to the Big City alongside her family to live with her Gramma.



Tilly has medium-length black hair, freckles on both sides of her cheek, and like the other Greens, she also has yellow skin, though hers is slightly paler than the others. Her eyes are oval-shaped, the only Green to have that trait. She also has darker-colored sclarae, unusual to others. She has two buckteeth that is always visible, even with her mouth closed, and puffy cheeks. She has a visible slouch and is taller than Cricket.

As of "Tilly Style", she has her ears pierced (even though her ears are always hidden by her hair, episodes following "Gabriella's Fella" shows she still has them).


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She wears a light purple long dress that stops above her knees with a white collar and poofy sleeves. Tilly, unlike her brother, actually wears green shoes in the form of Mary Janes, along with white socks.

She bears a resemblance to her great great aunt Metrona Green. ("Family Legacy")


Tilly imitating a salmon, showing her silly side.

Tilly is an oddball. While quiet at times, she is very imaginative, though very unusual and surreal child. Despite being older than Cricket, she is much more sillier than him. Tilly is smarter than she looks; while others perceive her as unintelligent, she is quite wise.

On the surface, Tilly may seem silly, but she's quite a helpful person.

Tilly is selfless, very nice and friendly, and like her younger brother Cricket, will always lend a hand to anyone in need. This kind- and friendliness of her's can be interpreted as being pacifist, best seen in "Winner Winner" when she doesn't want to fight her opponent, despite Community Sue's insistence. This pacifism is also seen in "Feud Fight", where she tells Cricket that fighting is not the answer to problems, telling him to talk it out with Chip Whistler. However, "Big Deal" shows that she shows no remorse when fighting.

Tilly adoring the nest of eggs that would turn to baby birds.

Tilly is known for her love for animals, even those that aren't commonly seen as pets. She names all of the animals she comes across; for example, the horse she wrestled to pass the Green family's rite of passage is named "Fredrico". In "Steak Night", she befriends and commands a pack of rats in the subway, and in "Coffee Quest" she commands Melissa the goat and Marjorie the sheep on a bobsled to help Cricket and Gloria escape from Chip Whistler and his goons.

She is somewhat enthusiastic of her younger brother Cricket's actions; whatever he does interests her. She appears to be fearless of the danger that she may encounter from time to time.

Tilly broods ominously over the death of Saxon.

Despite her cheerful and silly demeanor, when pushed enough, Tilly opts to show a darker and gloomier side of her; this is best shown in "Axin' Saxon" when she swears vengeance against Alice (it was actually Nancy) for breaking Saxon. At times, she may say things in an ominous and foreboding way; examples are seen in "Flimflammed", "Level Up" and especially "Axin' Saxon". She may also harness her anger to potentially inflict harm, though against her will ("Winner Winner", though "Big Deal" shows she does not regret fighting amongst the crowds, though this may be influenced by the others.)

Tilly is also rather controlling: throughout "Mama Bird" the girl, wanting to be their mom, attempts to woo the newly-hatched birds towards her (having favoured Cricket and ignoring Bill's warning). In "Cricketsitter" she decided to scare Cricket when convincing him did not do the trick (that made Cricket fall and break his left arm)

There are times where Tilly refers to herself in the third person; for example, in "Cricket Versus", one of her lines is "More for Tilly," in "Park Pandemonium", she told Alice that "There are a million grandmas, but only one Tilly,” and in "Level Up", as Bill goes inside, she says she'll stay outside, "Tilly bein' Tilly."



  • Common sense: Tilly's rational thinking and common sense has saved her family from danger multiple times. She is also more vigilant and responsible than Cricket, serving as his minder from time to time.
  • Telepathy: Tilly has been shown to communicate telepathically with animals, like the street rats in "Steak Night".
  • Artistic skill: Tilly has been shown to have artistic talent, for example producing a get-well soon card in "Super Gramma!" and her Tilly Gifts in "The Gifted". She also seems to have a big imagination.
  • Sign language: In "Quiet Please", it is revealed that Tilly knows how to speak in American Sign Language.


  • Controlling: At times, Tilly is known to be very controlling, especially to animals she loves.
  • Rage: Tilly is generally calm and collected; if she is pushed enough, she will lash out at anyone. While she isn't actually keen on physically hurting others around her, as shown in "Winner Winner" (however in "Big Deal" she is shown fighting), she may adopt a very harsh tone; a well-known example is shown in "Axin' Saxon", where she swears she'll make Gramma pay for destroying Saxon.

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Foreign voice actors

Language Actors
Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Andrea Higa
Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Mariana Zink
Czech Republic Czech Anežka Saicová
Germany German Anja Rybiczka
Denmark Danish Maja Iven Ulstrup
Spain Spanish Consuelo Díaz Isorna
France French Marie Du Bled
Hungary Hungarian Molnár Ilona
Israel Hebrew Maya Mitelpunkt (מאיה מיטלפונקט)
Italy Italy Emanuela Ionica
Japan Japanese Azusa Tanaka (田中 杏沙)
Netherlands Dutch Marlies Somers
Norway Norwegian Agnes Fasting
Poland Polish Marta Kurzak
Portugal Portuguese Maria Camões
Sweden Swedish Vanna Rosenberg
Turkey Turkish Nurhan Yılma


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  • In "Blue Tater", she doesn't believe that bad luck, nor curses, exist, as she explains that everyone has their own luck.
    • She also added that the reason that she beat Cricket in head-and-tails is because she glued two pennies with only the heads on both sides.
    • She calls it "[her] own luck", encouraging Cricket to make his own.
  • In "Cricketsitter", she tends to quietly pass out when she gets overwhelmed by the situation.
    • In the same episode, it is revealed that she also carries a sack bag that she named Saxon.
  • She likes to personify objects, like Saxon and Henry the dummy. ("Hiya Henry")
  • She apparently sleeps during the day, and Cricket does not like it when she does. ("Space Chicken")
  • Tilly and Cricket are the only characters to appear in every episode of the series.
    • Tilly does not however appear in all of the shorts.
    • The "real" Tilly does not appear in "Time Crisis"; her alternate future counterpart appears in her place.
    • While absent for the majority of "Greens' Acres" due to the episode being one big flashback, Tilly appears in the ending scene.
  • "Times Circle" reveals Tilly is into theatre. This is previously hinted at with her stagey diversions with Remy. ("Bear Trapped", "Critterball Crisis") She seems to have Remy as a supporting actor frequently.
    • In addition, she comments on Remy's acting having "improved" in "Flimflammed".
  • "Cheap Show" reveals Tilly is into Japanese culture.
  • Tilly loves all animals, with the exception of the Patagonian Snake shown in "Cheap Snake".
  • She is the only Green whose hair is not colored in any way (she has black hair), alongside her counterpart Metrona Green.
  • Tilly mentions in "Tilly Style" that she's a pre-tween, which means she could be be 10-12.
  • Tilly is currently the only Green to undergo a permanent change (in "Tilly Style" she gets her ears pierced, though it's not seen due to her ears not being seen because of her hair. Only when her hair is styled upwards can it be seen.)
  • Tilly is brave enough to stand up to whoever is controlling her, as seen in "Dolled Up" where she stands up to Cantaloupe Sinclair.
  • Inspirations for Tilly's character:
    • Her personality is very similar to Gravity Falls' Mabel Pines; one thing to note is both of their loves for animals (Mabel with Waddles, and Tilly with pretty much any kind of animal), and another is their cheerful, free-spirited and silly tendencies.
      • This trait of her's, alongside her pacifism, is also somewhat similar to Sid Chang from Nickelodeon's 2016 animated series The Loud House and its 2019 spin-off, The Casagrandes. Her animal-loving traits also mirror Lana Loud from The Loud House.
    • Her bucktooth looks somewhat identical to Ronnie Anne Santiago's from the aforementioned Nicktoon.
    • She bears a striking resemblance to Prudence from Cha Ching.
    • Her dress is heavily similar to Janey Powell from The Simpsons.
  • In the theme song and "Welcome Home", she and Cricket were shown sitting in the front seat of the Kludge; in America, children must be of age 8-12 or older to sit in the front seat of a car and must be at least 4'10 (1.2 meters) and in some states must weigh at least 100 lbs (45 kg).
  • Though hard to notice, Tilly's scleras are noticably grey, especially in close-up shots.
  • Unlike Cricket, who refers to his parents as "Dad" and "Mom", Tilly always refers to them as "Papa" and "Mama".
  • From “Tilly Style” and onward, Tilly has her ears pierced.
  • Tilly’s name could be inspired by the Platycodon grandiflora, 'Miss Tilly' plants. Her dress is also purple, just like the flower.
    • Tilly's name was actually inspired by the band "Tilly and the Wall", as revealed by Chris Houghton on Tumblr.[1]
  • In the early episodes, Tilly's voice was high-pitched. During the middle ten of Season 1, starting with "Gargoyle Gals"/"Supermarket Scandal", Tilly's voice got progressively lower-pitched, which is in full effect by the end of the season and for the rest of the show.
  • She can understand American Sign Language as revealed in "Quiet Please".


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